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NASA to set up R&D center in Pune! Oh No!

By on Oct 27, 2008 | 6 comments

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I read the news in local daily that says “India gets another feather in its cap: NASA has decided to setup R&D center in Pune, India”. I confirmed the news here.

So, the world is recognizing our ‘talent’, huh? Unless they tell us “you guys are good!” we won’t know that we are good. Now, I don’t get this – why do we need NASA in India? Its *their* national aeronautics and space administration; we’ve got our own ISRO. Why are we being told that its a matter of pride that NASA has ‘chosen us’ to setup their R&D? Damn!

I guess we’ll never come out of our ‘slave’ mentality. They tell us “termeric” is good antiseptic and we think “oh wow!”. Then they sell it to us in shiny packets with a super cool name and we go ga ga over their ‘innovations’…and in the process we forget our old nanny telling us 20 different uses of termeric.

We’ve come up with our own Chandrayaan and I truly believe we’ll do fantastic in future. We don’t want NASA to ‘recognize our talent’. We know we are good.

I’m game for this : NASA opens R&D in Pune and we open ISRO’s R&D in California. What say, fellas? Anyone? 😉

The Big K


  1. Ash

    October 27, 2008

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    Biggie, you sound so bitter :p

    Though its touted to be more of a theme park than anything, ISRO can very well take advantage of NASA’s R&D facilities 🙂 Theres nothing wrong with ISRO maintaining good relations with their US counterpart! Avoiding duplication of work would save costs for both countries.

    I wish NASA would set up shop in Malaysia. We are so way behind and lack any interest.

  2. Abid

    October 28, 2008

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    I think they are outsourcing space exploration too. Could be a cost cutting exercise. Building a space mission in India is cheap, it costs 80 million $’s only! That’s probably the cheapest it can get. 😉

  3. The Big K

    October 28, 2008

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    @ Abid –

    That’s exactly what I hate. Why are we so ‘cheap’?

    At the same time I’m proud of the fact that Chandrayaan is the cheapest moon mission ever 🙂

  4. Abid

    October 28, 2008

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    @BigK –

    Manpower! Intelligent manpower! in abundance. That’s why we are cost effective as compared to our western counterparts. Its good and bad!

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