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Rahul Raj, Mumbai Police, B.E.ST Bus Firing & India

By on Oct 27, 2008 | 7 comments

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News Source. First read this -> : Rahul Raj & Mumbai BEST Bus Firing

I hope by now you must have seen the breaking news on all leading news channels. Rahul Raj, a youngster from Bihar, wanting to assassinate Mr. Raj Thakre (MNS Chief) tried to hijack a passenger bus in Mumbai was shot down by Mumbai Police. 

The whole incident is tragic. Bihar’s chief minister has issued a statement saying that the police could have overpowered Rahul Raj and captured him. They shouldn’t have killed him. While we do not know yet, Rahul Raj did not not look like a terrorist or a seasoned outlaw. He could have been captured, but I guess it would have sent a wrong message out. 

Few lives were at stake, a passenger and a conductor were already shot. In such a situation, police had to save the lives of the people who were still inside the bus. They did ask Rahul to surrender, but he did not cease the gunfire. Had the Police captured Rahul, it would have meant that police wasn’t ‘prepared’ enough to handle the situation in their own way. But by shooting the gunman, police made sure that no one can escape such a situation. 

We’ll come to know what Rahul’s intentions were in due course of time. But this whole episode tells us – you and I aren’t safe anymore.

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  1. prashant

    October 27, 2008

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    mr nitish kumar making a foolish statement…i too understand that guys sentiments might have hurnt..but this is not the way to react spacially firing at other people and specially on mumbai police
    democratic country had right for everybody to speak but surely not the way guy adopted

  2. young indian

    October 30, 2008

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    this political so called leader are making such a horible statements, they just want to use this opportunity, This is just a fun going around now. no one cares if some dies or what happens, political leader wants to use opportunity,

  3. Sam

    October 31, 2008

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    Its a shame to see such incidences happening in this country. Whatever be the motive it is bad and ought to be condemned. Whether its a North Indian against a South Indian, or its one state against the other or one religion against another the only looser is the Country India which we all belong too. The British used this policy once now its the dirty politicians of this nation that are following this principle against the common man.

  4. santosh

    November 2, 2008

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    is tht nitish kumar feel tht he is superman or police are super humans

    Mr. Nitish Kumar i love to ask u simple question if some one keep gun on u r doughter / son or wife or u r head wht u will do.

    will u try to overpower him or tell police don’t kill that man.

    do u have guts?

    think before u talk u r CM not a chor or road chap person Bihar people elected u for talking sensible thing not such rubbish things

    just image if this situation happn to patana wht is ur order to police

    lets all innocent people get kill instead of killing a gunman if u have that guts or u r real man just leave all Z + security and roam freely in bihar and see wht happn to u. your own people will kill u like killing a dog on road.

    u r CM talk like CM not a foolish man

    u r ruined the image of bihar people from all over globle think bihar is the state without brain, thats why no one like to invest in bihar and bihar is became a poorest state in india

    if u don’t have brain leave the post and go to school.

    mumbai police done the best job …………… even it could happn in patana may be patana police done the same

    police are ther to maintan law and order not to guard to people like u.

    why u never say or visit any police wala when they lost someone there dear and near or any army man .

  5. Amit

    November 3, 2008

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    “We’ll come to know what Rahul’s intentions were in due course of time.”

    Call me a cynic, but I don’t see that happening.

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