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By on Oct 28, 2008 | 4 comments

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I have decided to seek topics for posts on superblog from all of you. So write a comment and let me know what would you like me to write about.


The Big K


  1. turn2me

    October 29, 2008

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    I would like you to write about stupidity going on in and around me and you.. Do you feel the crap going on is justified..
    I appreciate your gesture of writing about Rahul-Raj and BEST case, but do you feel that non-sense is confined to that instance..

    I don’t think world in any more a place to live, its just a place to survive and fight.. What are people trying to prove!!

    I don’t know about you and others but I am completely lost Biggy…

  2. wamSkesSmaism

    January 22, 2009

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    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

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