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Come World. Kill Us!

By on Oct 30, 2008 | 0 comments

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It has happened again. More bomb blasts in India. This time its Guwahati. About 11 bombs in 15 minutes. The news channels are discussing whether RDX or Ammonium Nitrate was used. Few news channels are discussing whether timers were used to trigger the bombs. The ministers are making politically correct statements. The CBI has been asked to carry out the investigations. A committee has been set up to do the analysis of the situation. Red alert has been announced in Assam. We all are watching bloodshed, burnt cars, angry people, dead people on TV in between the breaks & commercials that say “happy to help”. It’s so common for us to watch such ‘breaking news’ on TV and we aren’t even feeling bad, angry about anything.

Probably, we have become like those little insects that fight with each other for food and then die. We are fighting for the religion & boundaries. But guess what? Our fight is worse. When insects fight – they fight for survival. Their fight does not hurt other insects. But our fights necessarily involves killing of innocent people who have nothing to do with the fight.
Indian systems have failed, again. The government will now declare few lakh rupees help to the families of the dead people. News channels will get soaring TRPs. People like you and I will watch the whole thing on TV, feel bad for a minute and forget everything. We’ll gather our spirits back and start afresh. That’s what we have been taught. We have always been told to keep our spirits high and forgive.

We are not a nation of people who will stand against all the evil forces. We will be ok as long as the bombs don’t affect us directly. Our security systems never work. Our intelligence agency has IQ below 20. So we won’t know in advance where the bombs are being made.

Our ‘creamy layer’ will continue to get pissed off by watching this situation. They will head over to the western or eastern countries instead of being the fighters to save the country.
The politicians will use the situation to gain political advantage over other parties. The news channel will pat on their own backs because they got the ‘best coverage’ of the event. People will show their anger for a while and then go back to their homes with no change done to the system. The bomb makers and evil doers will continue to make bombs and kill us.

We will, in rarest of the case, catch the terrorists who were responsible for the blasts. But then our judiciary system will take years to decide what to do with them. The government will take ‘care’ of these terrorists in jail where they will live safely and happily for years. In this time, someone will hijack our air-plane(s) and easily rescue these terrorists. The news channels will get another breaking news and we all will watch.

So world, we, the Indians don’t mind. Kill us.

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