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Why do people from Bihar have to migrate to Maharashtra?

By on Nov 2, 2008 | 5 comments

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I wrote a post titled “First answer this” and asked the above question. Superblog reader turn2me5 left a comment on the post which I think is worth promoting to a post on the Superblog. Here’s the comment-

Q: Why do people from Bihar have to migrate to Maharashtra?

Ans: Its not just Bihar, but lot many other states like UP, MP, Kashmir, North-Eastern states… These states don’t provide ample opportunities for earning a decent living. I will tell you about myself. I belong to Madhya Pradesh, but am working in Mahrashtra ever since completing education. And I know people from other states also who have come here for earning.

Tell me one thing, how could I be hold responsible for IT companies not getting attracted to my state. Till the time I was at home, I have definitely participated in each and every election. And I want to work in IT and so I need to migrate, may it be Mahrashtra, Karnataka, AP, TN or NCR region.. Now just because IT is generating so much money, there is a hoarding in Pune which has a dollar printed and it says “They keep sending me to Pune”.. And that is the fact of life, cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Surat, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi & NCR are full of opportunities and money. So people from everywhere will want to and try to move to these places. Biharis are just getting targeted because of one move of railway board of not publishing the recruitment examination advertisement in marathi newspaper.

I had a discussion on this topic DBY on lunch table. The localities claim that you go to any south Indian state and no one bothers them for not knowing Hindi even when it is our national language. The hoardings over there are just in their local languages and English. And MNS is trying to bring some such kind of awareness about Maharashtra also. But at the same time they also agreed to the fact that the way of execution was totally wrong and this effort could be carried out in a much more decent manner.

But if you want to know my perspective, I would say the politics in India is in a real bad shape and has moved into a vicious circle. Things won’t improve now, howsoever hard you try out. And now don’t ask me to stand for it and join politics/civil services. I am not a born leader and I am interested in the work I am doing. There have been lot many people with good ideologies who have tried but I haven’t seen any of their efforts worthwhile.

And I guess my answer to first question also more or less answers second question. But mind you its not just “Maharashtraians” who want to head to USA. You must be aware that Gujjus & Punjabis as businessmen and south indians as workers and intellectuals have the highest % as NRIs.. Maharashtrians is a race that has just started participating in this game since near past…


  1. Amit

    November 3, 2008

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    I am not commenting on the rest of the post. That is a job for another day. But well written. I agree to almost everything he has said.

    But I want to highlight the following statement he made.
    “And now don’t ask me to stand for it and join politics/civil services”

    Kudos to his guts for saying it out loud. Nowadays it’s a trend to point fingers at anyone who says anything negative about the country and say ‘don’t point fingers, you should join politics and try to bring about a change instead’. In my opinion, when we start doing that to individuals, we’re doing nothing but defending our good for nothing politicians, as if just because I am not interested in making a career in politics, the bastard who gets voted gets a free hand to do whatever he pleases.

    It’s a valid concern that talented upright youngsters are not joining politics, but telling anyone who complains to “join politics and clean up” is ridiculous.

    When the crime rate goes up, do people tell each other to “join the police force and make it good or stop complaining”? In cases of medical messups by big doctors do we tell the protesting people to “become doctors and ‘clean up the medical system’ or stop complaining”? Imagine if you complain against a KFC or McD because you found a cockroach in your fries and they tell you to “first open a restaurant and ‘clean up the business’ or stop complaining”.

    Why have we as a society agreed to give politics and politicians this special treatment?

  2. turn2me

    November 4, 2008

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    Oh Biggy!!

    I appreciate that gesture of yours of publishing my comment as a post, but lemme make myself very clear that I never wrote that with intention of attracting readers, it was just something that I felt, and I guess is a fact….

  3. guest

    October 11, 2011

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    i might not believe this. I have seen many people migrating to chennai and bangalore so far away from their states to travel when they find opportunity in new by places. And these are leading to local to move out of state. 

  4. guest

    October 11, 2011

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    It’s a known fact that their govt is not providing enough opportunities and in fact bihari’s don’t need to feel proud about it. They have growing in ton of big population of computation. They don’t have control on anything . even if their state provide jobs – they don’t have place to live. I have seen many locals in south india not getting jobs due to tons of people from bihar migrating to south India. I have seen bihari’s getting all sort of luxury and freedom here but they have least respect about the place and people. Will they treat the same way when we come there. 

    Is this the only reason they migrate for IT jobs – not enough opportunities. They stay miles of away from family to earn thousands of bucks when they can get job in nearby states. Anyone can survive in local when they know their culture and language. I have seen few working hard in bihar or here in south and making it big. That makes you feel good.


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