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Future of Indian Engineering

By on Nov 5, 2008 | 1 comment

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Here is my online conversation with an engineering student who will shape the future of India. I have only changed the ID & Name, rest of the conversation is direct copy&paste.

FutureIndianEngineer heya

FutureIndianEngineer sir?

The Big K:  Hello

FutureIndianEngineer:  hey thnx for replying

FutureIndianEngineer:  <removed> here

The Big K:  ok

FutureIndianEngineer:  sir m 1st yr student of IT dept

The Big K:  I see. How may I help you?

FutureIndianEngineer:  and want to participate in tech fests held in diff colleges

FutureIndianEngineer:  and for dat i want to prepare a micromouse or robot

The Big K:  Alright

FutureIndianEngineer:  i mean basically i just want to hav sum certificates wid me

FutureIndianEngineer:  which mite help me in placement

Most of us are/were like that. Very casual, eh?

If you were me, what would have replied next?

The Big K

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