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By on Nov 8, 2008 | 4 comments

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Looks like my previous post, “Marathi Vs Non Marathi, Logic Extended” is gathering lot of turbulence. The post received a comment by superblog reader “Kaustubh” which is worth promoting to a new post on the blog. Here it is :-

I wish to put my comments on this issue based on my experiences:

1) Its not that Germany has only German Language, Japan has Japanese and so on. I realized while in South Africa that even this small country (compared to India) has 21 official languages and many other regional ones. But like we have English being language for most of the official purposes and Hindi being National Language in India they have English and Afrikaans as their main languages. It is true about all other countries. After talking to my Afrikaan friend there, I realized though Afrikaan and English makes your job easy but if you wish to enjoy your life there you better learn the language of the region you are in. Since Afrikaans was the main language in the region I stayed, I did learnt a bit of it.

2) The question is not about restricting people to go and work in other states. The question is about keeping the culture of the land intact. I am from Pune and am working in Bangalore at present. What I realized in my short stay, the people who are really enjoying the life are the outsiders. The localoids are gaining merely the peanuts (this may be more than what they were earning earlier but at the cost of what?). We have a big staff in our office and I feel bad that hardly 5% of them are Kannadigans. If at all they are there, they are mostly occupying the fourth grade positions in the organization. I don’t call that as their progress. On the contrary we are using their lands, polluting their air and water, making them experience heavy traffics, making them suffer to heavy power cuts (we can afford to install inverters at home with big money in our pocket, can they?). In short we are exploiting their natural resources as well as them just like the Britishers did with us.

2a) Here, I would like to share my own experience from Pune. I stay in a apartment of 16 flats. As good as 7 to 8 of them are occupied by Bachelors and almost all of the them hail from regions of MP, UP and Bihar. A few from Punjab. Just one bunch of maharashtrians. From there started our troubles, late night high volume parties, Birthday wishes to be delievered at 12 o’clock with big bangs and screeching voices of bike brakes. Not to forget the dances at morning 2 o’clock. Beer crates emptied and thrown in stairs or roof. Stains of Tambaku paans in parking as well as on the walls of the building. Marathi group was also involved in similar activities but we could bring them in control by simple warnings ( possibly being in the same state) but it took us 3 police complaints and few mob entries from members of 3 apartments of society to control the rest. We tried all different ways but only this way finally worked. We were then forced to put stringent rules to make our society livable for ourselves. It sounds too funny of imposing rules on others to make our life easy in our own society. (not to forget we tried making use of flat owners to make peace but when money is god all other things go vain in other words making use of localoids by throwing some money on their face). You go to any society in Pune near an IT hub or a private MBA college, you will hear the same experience.

3) Point about Britishers is very good one. They came here for trade and slowly and steadily took over the power. They exploited us BUT also introduced us to the modern world (may be for their own purpose, but they did). We are following the same trend. Introducing the technologies but exploiting the localoids. Just as an example, the bus facility here in Bangalore has 2 main classes. One is where AC Volvos run and hardly show any local face and other the common khatara buses where you can not recognize out of all the hands hanging which one is yours.

4) Finally, I wish to look at the issue with another perspective. If you see recent news, you will find that the words of Raj are recently being supported by many of the leaders of opposition parties. I believe this will take a good turn something similar to partial bloodshed history of Indian independence by Ahinsak method of Gandhiji. If proper steps are taken, then in near we can see the cities like Lucknow, Patna and many others growing similarly as Bangalore, Pune. This will help reducing the transition of job searching people from their native place to selected IT hubs mostly in west and south.

This will people earn their bread in their own land and help let them live a better life with their family.

I do not know about others but I miss my Pune and my family every day.


  1. kid

    November 9, 2008

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    I don’t think anyone is stopping anyone to enter get jobs. If you are capable, then you will be hired. Rather, most of the companies prefer a localalite as the person will expected to stay in his hometown.

    And as for the A/C buses and stuff. It is a matter of affordability than anything else.

    The culture has to be respected and this is the main point. The outsider should respect the culture of where he is and the locals should ALSO respect the culture of the outsider.

    Bacheleors behave the same way, through out the world!!

    I have lived in 4 countries other than India. In India, I have been in different state. In short, I have never lived in the same state or country for more than 4 years of my life. No where I felt like an outsider, even though I can’t speak any of the languages.
    Some of us are not good language learners !!

    The point is, You can divide India in n-number of ways, with various classification. But you will need to have only 1 India to succeed!!

  2. hari

    November 9, 2008

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    Please try to bring some spirit and enjoyment into India. Its getting bloody serious and regressive… more as we progress. Any city that becomes a Mumbai or a Bangalore in India will never remain regional. We must accept that. What we need is more such places for the billion hungy and bored Indians. Or lets just secede and live in our own worlds. And forget India.

  3. Mayur

    November 11, 2008

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    This Kaustubh is more articulate in putting his idea through than the BIG Kaustubh. 🙂

    I have just two points-
    1. Bangalore and Pune became what they are today only because of favorable policies by the government, access to a pool of knowledge resources and luck! (remember, Chennai, Kochi and Ahmedabad have tried hard to be a ‘bangalore’ but failed). It is sad that Kannadigas couldn’t ride the Bangalore success wave, unlike the Marathis in Pune.

    2. Go ahead if the fight is against hoodlums and hooligans. But his is no lesser than a ‘jehad’ if it is based on the religion. For the record, most of the migranst who have stayed in Maharashtra for a long time know and respect the Marathi culture. Aren’t they a part of Ganeshotsav?

  4. Amit

    November 16, 2008

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    kid has said most of what I wanted to say.

    Regarding the bachelors living in the colony problem. I think you are clubbing the wrong problem with the wrong issue. The problem was with unruly bachelors who don’t care for neighbours’ comforts. It is incidental that they belong to a certain state. Please do not colour it with a regional shade.

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