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Overdose of success stories?

By on Nov 8, 2008 | 2 comments

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They have been haunting you ever since you entered kindergarten. When you were a kid, you were told the success stories of Kings, brave men & women from the history. When you grew up, the protagonists of the stories changed. The king were were replaced by neighborhood pappus & rajus who did exceptionally well. For some of us, the stories revolved around our relatives who topped all exams when they were of our age. They were the people who did exceptionall well in sports, education, job and then went abroad, brough eye-popping cars and what not!

Each one of us has grown up listening, reading and watching success stories of people around us. So somewhere at the back of the mind, we programmed ourselves that we should be like them. In short, we defined ‘success’ to be ‘like them, like that’ in our brains.

…and then followed all the worries & troubles to be like ‘them’ or to achieve like ‘they’ did. Why should anyone strive to be ‘successful’ in life? What’s wrong with being a simple, regular ordinary guy/girl in the crowd? Why strive to earn more money and acquire all the material possessions? Why should one try to be the best?

Answer me!



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  1. bluediamond

    November 10, 2008

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    long back, when i was in school, the principal had told us in a speech,that “aim at the stars, and you will reach atleast the sky”.
    i guess the success stories are just to inspire us so that they give us the strength to achieve atleast something which we define in our words as “success”, which enables us to relax back and write such blog posts as you are doing, or to create enough money to sustain a blog on your own….

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