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How to improve memory

By on Nov 10, 2008 | 5 comments

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Superblog reader Differential wants me to write on the topic “How to improve memory”. So here we go –

The Internet is overflooded with tips on how to improve memory. The superfast way to remember anything is by associating it with something we already know. I’ll talk about it in a minute. Remember that the association is going to be memorable only when its exciting, odd, unusual, out of the world! Because those are the things which make a deep impression on our brains.

Let’s try to remember a list of 10 random items. Say, Aeroplane, Cow, Computer, Pen, Glasses, Window, Building, Apple, Chair, CD.

Let’s associate these items in our memory randomly while keeping in mind that the associations are going to be out of the world. Let’s get started. The first item on our list is Aeroplane. Imagine a VERY VERY big aeroplane in the sky, its 100 times as big as our Boeing 747. Take a moment to form a picture of it in your mind. Can you see it? Yes? Done.

Second item on our list is Cow. Now let’s associate Cow with Aeroplane. Now imagine our VERY BIG aeroplane is being piloted by a cow! Bah! That’s out of the world, right? But that’s how our brain is going to remember it.

The third item on our list is Computer. Now our pilot cow is actually typing on a computer, effortlessly. Imagine the pilot cow with a computer in front of it. The cow is even operating the mouse! See it in your mind. Unless you ‘see’ it, our efforts won’t matter.

Fourth item on our list Pen. Suddenly our computer operating pilot cow forgot that it has lost its Pen! Woah! So it’s searching for the pen now. Its running inside the plane, in search of the pen!

Fifth item is Glasses. The cow is smart and knows that unless it puts on the glasses, it can’t see anything. So imagine, our cow takes out glasses from pocket and wears them the James Bond style. Imagine it!

Sixth item on our list is Window. Even after wearing the glasses, the cow is unable to find the the pen. So it breaks the window and jumps out of the plane. Imagine the window being broken by the cow. There’s big noise in the plane. Gosh, cow is trying to get out of the flying plane through the window! Imagine it! See it!

Seventh item on our list is Building. Our cow, lands safly on a tall building. Imagine the cow on the top of the building. Its stuck there.

Eighth item on our list is Apple. You know what? The building is actually balancing itself on an apple. Bah! Did you notice that? Just one apple is balancing the whole building of course, with the cow on the top of it.

Ninth item on our list is Chair. Since the cow is totally stuck on the roof of the building, the fire department brought a gigantic chair for the cow to get down. They ask the cow to jump on the chair from the top of the building! Meh, and the cow jumps!

Tenth item on our list is CD. The cow jumps on the chair but finds out that the chair is actually made up of CD ROMs! Oh imagine it!


Now start with the aeroplane, and tell me all the 10 items in order. I’ve just improved your memory.

The Big K


  1. kidakaka

    November 11, 2008

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    Biggie, this would help me keep in mind a sequential series or such a similar set. What about facts and figures .. can I use the associative technique there?

  2. Differential

    November 11, 2008

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    Wow ! That’s awsome ! This technique sounds logical ! Let me see if it helps in building my English vocabulary !
    Big K, you rock !!

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