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Big K’s guide to buying a cellular phone

By on Nov 12, 2008 | 1 comment

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When Steve Jobs launched iPhone, I knew it was going to be a hit – just because there are two names behind the phone : Steve Jobs & Apple Corporation!

Big Ks whyPhone
Big K’s whyPhone

Months later, I got a chance to handle the iPhone. I was impressed by the touch screen & its inbuilt accelerometer. No doubt its a fine piece of engineering. But is it worth the price its being sold in India?


I’m not going to talk about iPhone alone, but all the smart phones. To tell you the truth, years ago, I bought a phone that was technologically ahead of all the phones available in the market. I was of course proud of the features which I’d never use. For example, unless I’m a manager who must pretend to be ‘busy’ all the time, I do not need a phone with ‘Email’ facility. Same is the case with MMS thing and I do not like the concept of watching videos on tiny devices. However, I do know the people who just want everything from videos to nail-cutter to toothpicks bundled in their phones and willing to spend thousands of rupees on the phone alone.

So my advise to all the people who want to buy a ‘smart phone’ is this: First analyse your needs! That’s the FIRST thing you should do. Second thing you should keep in mind is that the cell phone technology is evolving faster than you ever imagined. So unless you are very sure that  you ‘WANT’ those extra features, do not spend money. You could very well invest that money somewhere and wait until some mobile manufactuerer launches the phone with features you desire.

Oh yes, no one notices or cares or talk about your latest mobile phone. So don’t even think of buying a phone because you want others to be jealous of you.

The Big K

1 Comment

  1. kid

    November 13, 2008

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    Well this applies to anything and everything we do in life.
    You have to check your needs, your priorities and then have to decide what you want to buy.

    Whereas many people just go for the latest product or the product which has good image for show off. Many people don’t even what they want, they just go to the next person they come across and ask them to choose.

    Even in the US, I feel the iPhone does not satisfy all the “needs” of the users. But still it has the second biggest market share. Its more of brand following and clever marketing!!

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