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By on Nov 17, 2008 | 0 comments

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The inspiration to write this post comes from a JAVA reference book from a college library. I turned few pages of the book and saw :-

1. Important lines & definitions underlined with pencil.
2. Paragraphs marked with leters ‘Imp.’ [Short for Important]
3. Paragraphs marked with lables “Summer 2004”, “Winter 2006” etc.
4. Diagrams marked with lables “V.V. Imp”.
5. Lines underlined and marked “??”.

The purpose of marking the ‘important’ stuff in the book was clear – it was supposed to be mugged up and reproduced on the answer sheet. I have even seen few of the books which have simplified this task for the students; the important questions from exercises are already marked “Summer 2005!!!” by the author him(her)self.

…and that’s how we produce our computer science engineers. I was shocked [and almost fell off my chair] when I asked one of the computer science guy during an interview about the purpose of RAM (Random Access Memory) in the computer and she gave me a blank look! “Sir, I don’t know much about hardware”, was her sincere reply. She was honest.

Its not the fault of our education system, you know. Its our fault. We never look beyond books. We never ask ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘who’; and why should we? It’s not going to imact us in any way. We can mug up everything, get top ranks, get a job with IT company and live our life happily ever after. There are people who worry about creation of jobs, advancement of technology, making lives better & solving problems of the world. All we need to care about is the latest movies, personal lives of film stars, friends and relationships and ‘personal problems’.

So iMug.

The Big K

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