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Guest Post: Terrorists are gone. What next?

By on Dec 20, 2008 | 0 comments

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Following is a guest post by Abid of on Mumbai attacks :-

What Next? This is the next logical question we all ought to ask. The siege on Mumbai has ended and yes we will move on. All of us will and that is the truth about human existence. I feel that we should move on but only after we setup an apparatus to ‘Ask Questions and Demand Answers’.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

We need to find out what our Governments, Administration, Bureaucracy, Security Apparatus and everybody else is doing with OUR money. I at least personally would like to know what is being done with that money for this country and for its people. I am totally at loss and I feel stupid at the way these politicians take us for granted. Politicians at the moment as I see it are totally not accountable. Politicians believe that we are fools and we can’t see the difference between good and bad.

To start with, the biggest problem that I perceive is the way in which information is provided to us. We are allowed access to this information through the ‘Right to Information Act’. However how do we react to the information that we receive? How do we assess decisions made by these people? How do we talk back to our leadership? How do we rate our politicians and our bureaucracy? And how do we suggest what we think is good for OUR country?

I think it’s high time that we as a country and as a community setup a website that does exactly this. The website should allow us common citizens to be part of governance. We should have all of us give our views on this website.

We should have people ask the Government (Central and Local), administration and others questions through the RTI act and post that on this site. We should be able to review and comment on each action that these guys as elected representatives take. We should have a wiki on policies that we need to get implemented. Something that people can edit to add their views. We should have a forum to discuss various issues that affect us. We also need a blogging engine where visionaries can express what they feel can be done to improve our country.  We need a platform where we can rate and comment on each policy and each decision. (Oh God! Why are we wasting the power of the web on mindless social networking and wasted reviews?)

This is how I feel we can encourage our citizenry to participate in governing our country. I hope we as a community will take this up seriously. I hope we can implement something of this sort. I am hoping that people will improve this thought. If people think that this is something implementable please give this a thought. I am sure we can find enough people to implement this. Rather I hope we can find enough people who share an interest in helping this country.

To end this I would like to add that we had the ‘Quit India Movement’ back then that changed our lives forever. It’s high time we start the ‘Change India Movement’, to change it forever, again.


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