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What stops you from wearing a helmet?

By on Dec 23, 2008 | 1 comment

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*Post Dedicated To All The People Who Do Not Wear Helmet While Riding A Two Wheeler*

You are sane.

You have seen people die in accidents.

You know it can happen to you.

You know what you mean to your family.

You know even if you ride safely, with all precautions; you can be a victim of someone else’s mistake.

You know you can die.

You know you have a brain to protect.

You know even a slightest injury to your head may prove fatal.

You know a helmet won’t lower your ‘coolness’ factor. If it does, you can always get a cooler helmet.

You you the helmet won’t give you spondilitis.

You know when you are on the back seat, you are more prone to head injury in an accident.

You know you don’t have to carry the helmet everywhere you go. There is a space in your vehicle to store the helmet.

Then, buddy, what stops you from wearing a helmet every time you ride a two wheeler? I want to know your excuse. Think about it.

The Big K-

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