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Smart Worker Vs. Hard Worker

By on Jan 18, 2009 | 2 comments

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If you are employed or ever been employed and attended a team meeting; I bet you have heard following words from your boss –

“Work Smarter, Not Harder!”

Probably, some of you have told the same to your juniors in team meetings. The simplest way to interpret this message (correct me if I’m wrong) is “To get your work done in very efficient manner, much before deadlines, meeting all expectations, and avoiding unnecessary work”.

However, there is something wrong with being a smart worker. It leaves you with some free time! You may say, “Come on, that’s a good thing! Who doesn’t want free time?”. Mind well, this free time can hinder your growth in your organization and create bad impression in the minds of the people who matter – your boss.

The last thing any typical boss wants  to see is his junior enjoying free time. Quickly the boss will think that the work he/she allotted to you was not enough OR you were simply being lousy. You’ll either be allotted more work or given average grades in appriasals and the bad word will spread in the organization in the group of managers.

Now, obviously you’d want to balance the hard and smart work. But when you work harder & smarter and finish your work just in time, your boss will want to ‘challenge’ you and give you more work; then, you will work even harder and smarter and then the cycle will repeat and then one day you…

It happened with a guy who worked smarter and not harder. He recommends people to work harder and supports his recommendations with Dilber Strip –

Dilbert Hard Work Vs. Smart Work

Dilbert Hard Work Vs. Smart Work

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  1. Mayur

    January 19, 2009

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    For most of us, there are three ways of doing a job right. One that their boss tells them, one that they think is right and the third is the ‘right’ way.

    Your friend is also a victim of smart work. When they couldn’t find a fault in work, they cursed the way of work and banished him for being casual and unsystematic. Surprisingly it happened today, few minutes back. 😐

  2. Net Comment

    February 9, 2009

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    To “work smart” is to not only get the work done satisfactorily (not – “well” or “very well”), on time (not – “in less time”or “more time”), but also to make sure everyone else thinks you are “working hard” (nothing should be “easy-breezy” for you, should not cultivate a reputation for getting the job done etc.) – that way you are not a threat to anyone. Your boss should never know that you could do his job with both eyes shut and one hand tied to the back!!

    In the time that you save by “Working Smart”- keep applying to other jobs to hone your creative resume writing skills and interview skills and when you think you can nail the interview – apply for a job that pays you more than 15% of your currant salary!! Make sure you either get promoted within the organization or move to another organization every 2 years. That means you start looking every 18 months after joining an organization.
    Samjhe Kya?

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