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Go Bananas!

By on Jan 21, 2009 | 4 comments

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The team at Go Bananas has been spamming my mailbox for no reason. I don’t know from where they picked up my email address and sending me a mailer almost every-day saying I should discuss the issues India is facing with others and form a blueprint. 😐

Following is the email I received –

Recession! Job Cuts! Terror Attacks! We all wanted to see the back of 2008.
Then 2009 dawned…
Terror blasts in Assam, Truckers strike, Recession Continues, India without Fuel! Question mark on integrity of India Inc.! Satyam the biggest Asatya !!
Do we need more Controls?? Do we go back to the days of the “Control Raj” again?
What is the future – future of economy, future of people, future of India and how it can be achieved? Let us discuss and form a blue print. We at Gobananas will ensure that all our voices are heard. Log on to to register your Voice.
Write, for your opinion matters.

Do you think these guys can make a difference? Do we need more discussions? Do we need another platform for making our voices heard? Hmm?

The Big K


  1. sandeep

    February 11, 2009

    Post a Reply

    Hey I also got the same mailer from them. But the image was well thought and I read the blog on their site and it was well written. I also dont know from where they got my id but all their blogs are well written. It appears to be a job portal and they must have picked up our id from some other job portal where we must have posted our CVs.

    BTW you can beat Chetan Bhagat anyday. Keep Blogging.

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