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The toilet in my home is a part of reality

By on Jan 27, 2009 | 4 comments

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It happens every time and it bothers me a lot. Everytime, guests come to my house and focus their cameras on my toilet. Then they go back to their homes and show their people photos/videos of my toilet.

Source Wikipedia

Source Wikipedia

The next time they come, I want them to capture my drawing hall, my kitchen, my bedroom, my beautiful guest room. I want them to caputer my beautiful sofa, the latest furniture which I developed on my own. Hell, they go and focus on my toilet once again. They click my toilet from all possible angles and go back. They win prizes for the exposing the reality and clicking quality photographs.When I object, they come back and tell me now to turn my back to the reality in my home. Then my own people, who blindly follow my guests; because year after year we’ve been taught that whatever our guests do is ‘they way to do it’ tell me that our guests are right. Heck, I know. I know that the toilet in my home is a part of reality. Mind well, its a part of reality.

Now, I completely agree that my guests are totally awesome photographers and they know how to tell a tale. However, I wish I could put some restriction on showing my toilet every time to the world.

The Big K


  1. Mayur

    January 27, 2009

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    This looks like straight out of Arindam Choudhary’s review. Its probably got to do with the story and nothing else. The toilets were written by an Indian author. The movie anyway doesn’t show what normally happens in India. There are enough movies that show you the ‘good’ side of life. And there are some love stories like this that originate in a toilet.

    I dont think Slumdog exposed any realities we didn’t know. But may be some where you are right in saying the ‘guests’ should some times also show the drawing halls. Yep, you are right.

    But having said that, most of us Indians have a habit of confining ourselves to the living rooms and bedrooms and not looking at the toilets at all. This might be an eye opener. Afterall who created these toilets?

  2. The Big K

    January 27, 2009

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    I know the toilet exists. I created it. Rather it got created and everyone’s got toilet in their house these days.

    What disturbs me is that guests focus on my toilet every time. When India is shown on TV, all the time I see an old man, or some starved kid, or some jungle-men dancing around fire.

    Again – I know it exists and I accept it. But come on, what image does that give the world about India?

    PS: I have began doubting whether Saddam was really a bad man. They didn’t find a SINGLE DAMN chemical weapon there. All channels always showed Saddam’s wrong dids, not the positive side. Maybe that’s what the superpower wanted the world to see.

  3. Mayur

    January 28, 2009

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    ‘Normal’ life and lifestyle seldom make news. It is only some thing extraordinarily bad or good that catches the eye. We know we have a lot to show other than just the gory side of reality. Sadly the ones in Media dont understand it.

    PS: Did you observe? All the breaking news on the television channels are mostly ‘bad’. Good deeds hardly get noticed.

  4. Anika

    January 28, 2009

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    No doubt toilets are a essentially a part of our home but question that slumdog has raised is not only about toilets.. its about the people, not about a dog as they have called the character in movie. Movie is not talking about the dogs, and it wasn’t a dog who won a million rupees!! They are human and are completely right in making hue and cry for their respect. I guess its only the title that is inappropriate and not the movie as portrayed by the media.

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