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Attending Conferences: Common Sense Tips

By on Feb 3, 2009 | 0 comments

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I have observed that most of the Indian people lack common sense and the civic sense. This includes you, my reader. So following are my friendly tips for you, please take them in good spirit.

1. While attending any conference, meeting – keep your mobiles switched off.

2. Since you will conveniently forget tip #1, please switch off your mobile whenever the organizers of the conference, seminar, talks, meetings request you to switch off your mobile, please switch it off.

3. Those who will conveniently forget tips 1 & 2, here is another tip for you. If you receive a very important call from an unknown number in the middle of the conference, do not try to guess the name of caller while your phone continues to ring. Just put it off or slap yourself or leave the conference.

4. Do not arrive late for any conference or a meeting. If you arrive late, do not try to take the remotest seat. I think its rude make your way to the farthest seat while slowly moving your bum in front of the people who got into their seats well in time.

5. Do not send SMSes when an important talk is being delivered.

6. If you are important enough to be allowed to sit in the first row in a musical concert; do not attend calls while the singer/artist is performing.

7. Do not rush to the exit when the vote of thanks is being presented. Wait till the program/seminar/talk formally concludes.

8. Avoid cross talks if you are in a conference or a small meeting. I believe its very rude to engage in conversation with your friend in neighboring seat when a meeting is going on.

9. Organizers of the meet should calculate the number of VVIPs who may attend the conference and reserve the number of seats. As a precaution for unexpected/unwanted VVIPs, reserve 5 seats as buffers. Its very rude to ask less important people to vacate their seats for the VVIPs who arrive late.


PS: Feel free to add your tips.

The Big K

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