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Moral, Cultural Police – Come on, I’m free to do whatever I want!

By on Feb 9, 2009 | 12 comments

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Freedom is my birthright – and no one in the world can stop me from being free. Who the hell are you to guard the culture and morality in the world? What is your locus standi?

I may go to pub. I may drink. I may smoke. I may dance nude in the middle of a busy road. Am I hurting you?

I may let my kids dance on adult numbers on reality shows. I’m free. The kids are free.

I marry 20 girls. They are ok with it, I am ok with it – what is your problem?

I do drugs, I do marijuana, I do the grass – what is your problem?

I booz off, I smoke – I kill myself – what is your problem?

This is my life. I live it my own way.

I enjoy my freedom.

What’s your problem?

The Big K


  1. Gawran Pundit

    February 10, 2009

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    Great sarcastic post on the so-called freedom notion that some people have these days. Its nothing but freedom abuse.

  2. Net Comment

    February 14, 2009

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    curious to know – what you think about the attack on the girls in Mangalore pub by the Ram Sena guys?

  3. The Big K

    February 14, 2009

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    See, I believe in India we teach our next generation to look at USA and how whatever they do is ‘progress’. The kids carry this throughout their life. Now as they grow up, enter colleges they suddenly realize their new freedom. They want to be free. Life their own life the way they want. But since most of them lack self-thinking and rely mostly on thoughts they’ve been taught to follow – they lose their minds.

    There are lots of things that contribute: Peer pressure, being ‘cool’, having an ‘identity’, being ‘one of them’. These fellas then start smoking, start boozing off, some even go on to do the drugs.

    “I can do whatever I want, who are you to stop me” – is the new definition of personal freedom.

    Note: I’m not generalizing anything.

    The pub culture – I don’t know if it is good or bad. I’ve never been to any pub. I haven’t tasted alcohol and I haven’t had a puff. I don’t know what goes on inside the pubs but I didn’t quite like what I was told by those who frequented pubs.

    Physically attacking someone is bad. Period.

    Frankly speaking; I don’t know if what they did was right or wrong. Indians are still catching up with Americans on many fronts you see 🙂

  4. jatin

    February 14, 2009

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    i don’t like mora policing and am outraged by seeing the video of the mangalore attack. period.

    i would have a problem if you do certain things mentioned in your blog.

  5. Net Comment

    February 14, 2009

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    Hypothetically if it was true that -1) all kinds of “bad” influences are coming from the West. 2) and India never had “Kamasutra”, Khajuraho temples, Gandharva Vivah, Sura and Madhushalas in ancient time and dowry, bride burning, female infanticide, eve teasing in modern time. Let’s also say that the girls were not behaving in a way that was representative of the “mahaan” Indian culture – then were the guys who beat up the girls representative of our Indian culture? I don’t think what they did was good but you claim that you do not know “if what they did was good or bad”. Maybe you too are incapable of thinking for yourself?

    And if this truly is your view and you were not being facetious then you should marry the person your parents choose for you – because with such views no self-respecting girl would want to marry you. In the end you are like the Ram Sena – you are becoming/siding with the moral and cultural police due to your own sense of inadequacy – you cannot influence anybody to follow you by setting a better example and taking the high road. You don’t smoke and drink so that does not make you morally superior – you are inviting girls to respond to your blog so that maybe you can make a connection – this is the way the West works, so why are you following this kind of lewd behavior?
    What you copy from west is ok – but not what others copy?

    For all the shortcomings of the Western Culture – at least they are introspective. And the crimes against women like – eve-teasing, bride burning, dowry deaths and female infanticides are wholly an Indian phenomenon. So do some introspection – are you part of the problem or the solution?

    The Sena broke the law, they could have demonstrated peacefully in front of the pubs – they had that choice and right. They have done disservice to Indians, Hindus and to Democracy.

  6. The Big K

    February 15, 2009

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    Heh heh 🙂

    Saar, you’ve lived your lifetime in America. Live the rest happily. Why worry about what’s going on in India?

    {PS: I had a strong urge to write a big comment, but then above line came to my mind.}

  7. Amit

    February 16, 2009

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    the “end-of-sarcasm” tag did not appear in the previous two comments. What’s with this parsing engine?

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