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Pre Election Time. Everything looks fantastic!

By on Feb 22, 2009 | 10 comments

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Suddenly, everything looks good. Have you seen it on TV?

Kids in remotest parts of India go happily to school. They get their mid day meals there. Farmers have cell phones. Government servents are smiling. Educated people have jobs. Truck drivers are smiling. The black roads connect every village. There’s electricity everywhere.



  1. Amit

    February 22, 2009

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    Oh shit! Is it “India Shining” time again?

    Can you ask them to send some shine to Pune’s roads?

  2. Gawran Pundit

    February 22, 2009

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    How many times you tried to remove a dead body of some animal lying on the road?? You simply must’ve ignored it, isn’t it ?


  3. The Big K

    February 23, 2009

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    @ Gawran Pundit: I did that twice, but no one noticed. Why did you ask?

  4. Gawran Pundit

    February 23, 2009

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    @Big K

    I just wanted to meekly suggest to Amit that taking an initiative and doing something is a million times harder than sitting in an AC room, sipping coffee and punching some keys on the keyboard bashing the politicians and their politics. 🙂

    People who bash politics and politicians themselves don’t have the guts or quality to contest an election in their own building apartment or gulli 😀

    I just hope people bash somebody(Politicians) with full knowledge of who the politicians are, their achievements and controversies and the reasons related to it.Such people should give their views on corruption ONLY IF they arent part of corruption themselves (like giving bribe to traffic policeman after breaking traffic rules etc)

    Something to think about!! Isn’t it ?

    P.S. Kudos to you for removing that poor animal off the road.:)

  5. Gawran Pundit

    February 23, 2009

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    Why is my comment awaiting moderation ?

    Does it indicate/suggest something? :-??

  6. Mayur

    February 23, 2009

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    @Gawran Pundit: Point well said. Why does it give me a feeling that you belong to the same ‘coffee sipping category’?

  7. Amit

    February 23, 2009

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    I’m sorry I wish that Indian administration be run sensibly.

    Next time you fall sick and the doctor mistreats you and you get worse, don’t complain. Since you didn’t bother to study medicine and become a doctor, or you have never administered a paracetamol dose to an ailing cat, you don’t have a right to complain.
    (This is assuming that you are not a qualified doctor, and have never actually administered a paracetamol dose to an ailing cat. A disclaimer that I bothered to put in, since I don’t know anything about you – as much as you know about me, but you didn’t bother to think that your accusation could have been false also… but I guess self-righteousness is the flavour of the season – long live Jaago Re!)

    Oh, and I do pick up litter from the street at times and find a dustbin to put it in. Does that count?


    Does it bother you that nobody noticed you removing the dead animals? Why?

    @Gawran, again

    K removed the dead animals twice. Does he now have the right to complain about bad roads? Why does his right end at just being able to complain? Does he now not deserve better roads? Has he got them?

  8. PAllavi

    February 25, 2009

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    Do you think the Govt is trying to give us all a fake ‘feel good factor’. ..everything may not hold truth but some it yes, like the farmers in villages do have cell phones ( at least in Punjab), the roads there are good too and the schools in villages do offer mid day meals.. but I cannot say if this is true for the whole country…Oh! Before you all think I am a PRO for the govt of India, then No i am not.. my point is.. the central govt is elected to do all this and much much more… but maybe what is executed is a fraction of what needs to be done on all levels. so while I appreciate the achievements I would like to see better deliverables from who ever comes next…I think we can question it and why not? After all we all are collectively responsible for who comes to power… I wish there was system to evaluate the performance of each and every minister who claims to working for the betterment of the country.. And if they justify their existence then they can contest elections else NO. Also can the constitution be modified and if it could introduce a retirement age for the politicians. If every govt job in this country comes with a retirement age then these guys too are Public servants and paid by the Govt of India and our taxes…

    Btw, if K picks up dead animals off the road, if amit picks up garbage from the street and disposes it off properly, if someone helps a blind man cross the street or if anyone of us offered our seat to an old person or a woman with a baby while traveling in public transport then all these are examples of India Shining… because India gets it shine not from a bunch of politicians but from the citizens. Keep up the good work guys, at least you took notice of something which the others chose to ignore…

  9. Gawran Pundit

    February 25, 2009

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    I agree with pallavi 100%.


    You totally misunderstood me, and i don’t want to continue the debate because I believe that changing somebody’s views via internet debates is nearly impossible !


    What makes you think that ? What do you know about me, lol? 😀

  10. Ina

    February 25, 2009

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    Elections keep politicians busy and distracted – so elections are good and shud be held every 6 months.

    Rule shud be that for all campaigning they can only use DoorDarshan.

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