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By on Feb 28, 2009 | 2 comments

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Blogocommentophilia is a 21st century disorder that is smyptomized by strong urges of leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

-The Big K-


  1. The Big K

    February 28, 2009

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    I received following comment on this post through email –

    really wanted to leave this comment on your post itself, but then I don’t see a point doing that. if you don’t want ppl to write/comment on what they feel about your posts then why have it at all.. i thought the idea of having a blog is you want to share your thoughts and expect readers to react ( even if they don’t make sense, but well it is your blog so you can choose to write whatever you want).. or why not have a notice pasted instead- Write what I would like to read and if you can’t then stay away!

    you were right your blog is addictive and well I was introduced to it thanks to a friend but I don’t think It makes sense to continue since you cannot respect yr readers/visitors…

    It was wonderful and I really enjoyed reading and commenting on your blog….but guess you have issues with ppl reacting to some of your non-issue subjects!
    Clarification : Blogcommentophilia is a disorder I suffer from. I am not against readers leaving comments on my blog. I love to have comments on whatever I write.

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