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Marriage, Entrepreneurship, Economics & Your Country

By on Feb 28, 2009 | 1 comment

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Snippet from Dilbert Blog


Single people are free to take more economic risks than married people. It makes me wonder if there is a correlation between the average age of marriage in a particular area and its economy.

My hypothesis is that places where marriage happens early, by custom or religion, will also be the places with the slowest rate of development. In such places there might be fewer entrepreneurs and everyone would take fewer risks.

Exceptions would abound since economies are influenced by many factors, so if there is a correlation it would be on average and not apply to every region. And obviously the causation could work the other way too; a good economy provides the option of staying single longer.

On a similar theme, easy access to divorce, and a high divorce rate, might also contribute to entrepreneurial energy. And again this could work both ways because a risk-taking spouse is probably more likely to get a divorce.


Those who don’t read enough, will comment here saying Narayana Murthy of Infosys started Infy when he was married man. Let’s look at it. Narayana Murthy was born in 1946. He started Infosys in 1981. Not many people know that Mr. Murthy had attempted a startup (that failed) before starting Infosys. Anyway, we all respect Mr. Murthy for changing the face of IT.

The point is, if married men are more open to taking risks, how many startups/ventures do you see that are started by married men? I think Scott Adams is right!

Is this one of the prime reasons we don’t see many startups in India? The pressure to settle earlier in life might be squeezing out the risk taking abilities of many wannabe entreprneurs. Mind well, if you have a spouse who works and can support you; great. But marriage might take out the most important part your startup deserves from you – TIME!

I’m not against marriages. But I think the right age to get married is between 30-33 for both men & women. What is your take on this?

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  1. Pallavi

    March 2, 2009

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    I agree with you (for a change): family pressure and of course the fact that who will marry you if you are struggler (especially if parents are trying to find you a match)

    I think the mentalities are changing slowly but gradually- more and more singles are starting up their own ventures (at least I know a lot of singles who have set up their own businesses).

    The way I look at it is, at least one is well settled before getting married and take on more responsibilities. And I know what direction I would like my life to take.
    Risks are easier to handle (relatively) if you are single and don’t have to shoulder too many responsibilities and if you find a supporting partner who is ready to wait for a few yrs is icing on the cake ( and if someone wants to you give up what you aspire to achieve then please give up on that person!). Being single and going ahead with your venture is like spreading your wings and taking a flight in an open sky
    Yes, your TIME IS yours only! No worries about a spouse or children waiting, or going home and doing the cooking and other such chores, or taking care of your in laws – I assume this is applicable to girls setting up their own ventures as well.
    When you think you business can run on an auto pilot for some time and you can give more attention to personal life. That’s the ideal time (rather than Ideal age) for one to get married!


    i also see a lot of married ppl starting their own ventures now days ( either most of the famlies have both the husband and wife earning and can afford to tk the plunge, have saved enough to follow their dreams and feel now is the time to do it- varys from situation and person to person)

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