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The Buzzword Bingo!

By on Mar 1, 2009 | 3 comments

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The Buzzword Bingo is the name of a game I used to play in team meetings when I was an employee. The game is very simple. Anticipate and write nine management buzzwords on the back side of your notepad. You may choose to write any any sequence, shape & form. I used to write them in three rows & three columns separated by two horizontal & verticle lines.

The game is single player or multiplayer. The rules are simple. The game starts at the same moment your boss/manager springs into action and starts addressing the team. You safely take the remotest possible location and hide the notepad behind the desk. Cross the buzzword your manager utters. Silently say ‘Bingo!’ to yourself when you cross all 9 words. In a multiplayer game, the one who gets all his/her words crossed before everyone else wins the game and gets free coffee from the vending machine once the meeting is over.

I enjoyed this game for many months, nah almost 9 years. Thanks to Dilbert who introduced me to this wonderful game. I was reminded of this great game while reading an interview on Here is a snippet from from the interview [IIM-A Grad] –

Please share more information about your business model.

Let’s read it again. “vertically………integrated…….play…….in the …….value chain“. Let’s try to comprehend this. Vertically..what what …what a what? 😐


Thanks to God I sucked in CAT. Coming up with buzzwords would have made my life miserable. Thank you God. I had blamed you when I didn’t do well in CAT.

The Big K

PS: Can anyone decipher that code for me?


  1. Gawran Pundit

    March 4, 2009

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    This is an awesome concept. A bored engineering student in a Management subject lecture can very well play this game !!

    Its the same everywhere !

    Quality Control, Efficiency, Marketability blah blah blah



  1. TransGanization By Rohit Arora – Book Review - [...] is the latest management buzzword in the B-town that you can quickly add to your own Buzzword Bingo game…

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