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Look, it’s about the casual attitude…

By on Mar 3, 2009 | 8 comments

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I received an email from a chemical engineer with over five years of experience. The way he wrote email tells me a lot about his attitude and way of working. Look –

Dear sir/madam,

I have attached my updated CV Pl. consider it & forward it where its required looking for ur kind response.


<name removed>

The attached resume is very well written in proper English. So, if I were to hire this man; I’d think “This man is looking for a job. If he is serious about it, he should have spent time on writing a neat email. That reflects his attitude towards work. He is not thorough & detail oriented. He’s not for me.”



I know this type of posts are getting repetitive. I’ll come up with something better next time.

The Big K


  1. Pallavi

    March 3, 2009

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    It is not so much about casual attitude. It is about lack of knowledge on what is the right way of communicating yourself… If I were you ( and this is what I do when I get resumes, sometimes even without a line, at least this guy wrote something) I defi meet the person and evaluate and yes also tell him/her the reasons for not giving the job ( sometimes they get hired too). So that they don’t get rejected time and again and that too without knowing where they need to correct themselves!

    If you have written back to this guy giving the reason for not hiring him, great.. if not atleast send him a link to your blog, it will help him in correcting his mistake and also get an interview call at least…

  2. Mayur

    March 4, 2009

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    There was time when I enjoyed coming back to your blog. But its been long time you wrote any thing worthwhile. I think your finger-pointing-at-stupidity mission has got carried away.

    I know you can write much better than this. Short of ideas may be?

  3. Pallavi

    March 4, 2009

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    @ Mayur… I can’t help but agree with you!!!

    Waiting to read some interesting posts….

  4. Pallavi

    March 4, 2009

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    can I further add.. Big K is becoming predictable.. do somethng before it becomes boring

  5. durga

    March 7, 2009

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    pallavi I agree.

    Its about the attitude with which you look at things,
    I had once applied for a rental lease and by mistake I forgot to add a ‘0’ to my yealry income. the agent called me up and said that I did not get the house and even beofre asking he told me the reason that my yealry income is not sufficinet to lease that house.
    It might be my carelessness that I did not add an zero, but then imemdiately I sent him my payslips just to let him know of my mistakes and we got the house.

    If he would not ahve pointed out then may be i would have forwarded the same application else where and facing rejection everywhere.

  6. Ash

    March 8, 2009

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    Wait a sec. Since when do you need CVs to join CrazyEngineers? That would make CE truly elite 😉

    I’m guessing he wanted you to forward it for him to other companies, since CE has “connections”?

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