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Lead India 2009? Not Again!

By on Mar 13, 2009 | 14 comments

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I don’t get what TOI folks are up to. Look at my following rants –

Now they are back with new ‘Lead India’ initiative. The new site (link) offers you to make communities and there are quite a lot of enthusiasts who have created their own communities online. First of all, I want someone to explain me how creating online communities is going to help change the fate of this country? As I see, most of us want to change the fate of this country through our corner seats in cubicles. That doesn’t work, fellas.

Secondly, I don’t understand the point in taking the oath (that we won’t vote for the candidates with criminal record) by clicking a button 😐 .

I think the youth of this country is being misguided. The fate of this country cannot be changed through facebook or orkut or Lead India communities. If you really want a change, quit your MNC job. Work for an Indian Company. Start your own enterprize. Be proactive in helping people. Follow the rules.

The Big K


  1. Gawran Pundit

    March 14, 2009

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    The most important thing for improving India is that people should stop parochialism in ALL places.We see Tamil HR’s employing loads of Tamil employees, We see gujjus in stock market giving broker licenses to fellow gujju/marwaris with help of lobby in stock market.We see whole west bengal on streets ONLY when sourav ganguly is removed.We see punjabi film directors higlighting punjabi culture 90% of the times(i am sick of it)…..There are such countless examples.

    If this doesnt stop, India will remain where it is.

    My post might look off-the-track and not related with your post, but its the real thing thats going to tear apart India.
    India is like Europe, a mixture of different cultures.If one group of people try to impose their culture and try to create lobby and favour their native people at some different place(e.g.Mumbai, Chandigarh) then its going to tear apart the very FABRIC of Mother India.

  2. Pallavi

    March 14, 2009

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    It is not a serious newspaper and hence their campaigns are not meant to be taken seriously too. Just for everyone’s knowledge (some you may already be aware of this fact) that if you have the bucks then you can buy editorial space in the paper and can get almost anything published and this is their media strategy which by the way so far has been very successful in generating revenues for them. It is a great example of a successful marketing strategy. Every exercise done by the group is to generate revenues and the Lead India campaign is no different (a way to attract advertisers in the times when budgets have been cut down). The group which owns the paper also has every other medium like news channel radio station etc to market and promote such campaigns on a national level and since readers are not so aware about the newspaper’s policies it still is one of the most widely read paper in the country. So if the campaign say’s don’t vote for candidates with criminal records while they have been giving wide publicity to Sanjay Dutt getting into politics (he is still convicted) – do we still need to think that it will make a difference???

    According to me the publication and its related campaigns are similar to the India TV content but wrapped in the best packaging material available or created.

  3. Amit

    March 17, 2009

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    Ofcourse you can change the world from the corner seat in the cubicles… don’t you see that there have been no attacks at the scale of 26/11 after thousands of “Say NO to terrorism” groups were made on facebook (Oh and ofcourse after millions of candles were lit by members of those groups)?

  4. Mayur

    March 19, 2009

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    Its good only if the ‘chosen leaders’ will actually lead India. I dont think that has happened. It turned out to be another reality show on TV.

    @Gawran Pundit: I didn’t know you’d copy paste your own comment. 🙂 Anyway, I replied to it on my blog.

  5. ankit

    March 28, 2009

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    hey man u r right that these things should be there(leavin jobs n stuff) but someone has to do a begining and lead india has done it its for a person to take it forward .as more and more ppl join internet these initatives will be a force to reckon wid best of luck toi
    long live india jai ho!

  6. Harendra

    March 31, 2009

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    Hey K i guess u r a an RJ na…there are so many guys those who follow you they listen to you.. everybody has a point of view but just to tell you just because of initiatives like Lead india at least peoples have started thinking about their nation and rights n that makes a difference so please do not criticize any single small or big initiatives…

  7. redcom

    April 2, 2009

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    Lead India… “LEAD” where… and whos gonna lead it… we dont have any leaders… atleast i don’t see 1 around so far… Just a bunch of politicians wanting to sit on that chair to waste another 5 years with a bit of development to showOFF…

    Day2day Examples:

    Delhi Transport Corp.: New Low floor buses… Did our transport minister actually sat in 1 of those during the rush hour in month of May… wow what a sauna Bath…u don’t need to go to gym… 😀
    the air circulation is so horrible and those huge windows actually operates at 30% capacity to be precise… rest just for show…

    Also bus frequency management : i noticed some buses r wildly stuffed and some running with half the seats empty while the stuffed buses frequency by DTC is about 2 hrs and the other route buses r running 3 in a row bumper 2 bumper…

    Even if that 2 hrs timing reduce to 1 hour it would surely lessen the traffic up to 100 cars on the route/bus added on the route as per i studied the route for a month…

    What does this show do we lack in resources… NO… we lack in management of the buses due to loopholes and corruption in the system which is further due to lack in LEADERSHIP…

    A small day 2 day event but if collected on each route can cause a huge difference… how

    Less cars >>> Less Traffic >>> Easy Transport >>> More Income thru Fares >>> Faster Emergency Services >>> Lesser Green house Gases >>> Overall Sustainable Development and Last but not the Least HAPPIER and SAFER LIFES…

    By Just managing the current amount of buses in the department… nothing Additional… 🙂


  8. Ash

    April 3, 2009

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    As much as I hate to admit, one should not underestimate the power of social network these days. Many youths are so enamored and involved on them that it is easy to create an influential movement.

    Remember, the Facebook and Youtube had intensively influenced the presidential race in the US.

    Of course, it might have a different affect in India.

  9. redcom

    April 4, 2009

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    Role of internet…>>>
    yes of-course internet played an important role to establish 1st semi-Black prez. in U.S. but for India its a little while… cause Internet tho well spread but is highly concentrated in urban regions while the villages r still struggling with basic needs farmers loan issue was a gud example to show our current situation in villages and it clearly shows in the party agendas for the upcoming elections that they r trying to lure ppl by 3Rs and 2Rs/Kg of wheat or rice for each poor family for upto 35 kgs…
    The point is these experienced political parties know the situation of our nation better then u and me sitting on net and they r giving it the kind of importance they should to make a win… 😛

  10. redcom

    April 4, 2009

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    LoL i missed my main point up der.. :Dhahahah

    The actual point was to compare percentage of internet accessible population… and the difference in the needs of ppl of USA and India…

    Who will fulfill the needs (or will showoff well enof) will win Internet is just a medium of communication just as Newspaper, Radio or T.V.


  11. sangeeta

    April 12, 2009

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    hey dude i understand your concern and disgust and disbelief at all these so-called-revolutionised social networks..and that too for a serious issue like a country’s governance.But you know what,in a country like india where corruption is the foundation of the cake with n even more destructive icing,any initiative counts..not to mention the reluctance of the people to come forward and rebel in public.Sometimes just initiating a simple thought sparks a motion among people and lets not forhet that thinking forms the basis of doing something substantial.As they say “an optimist sees something positive in evrything,a pessimist fears dat d optimist’s thots might cum true”!! so it’s our choice 2 take our pick

  12. The Big K

    April 12, 2009

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    @ Sangeeta:

    Right said, every initiative counts. I should be optimistic. I think I’ll start a new community on facebook or orkut about world peace. At least I’ll don’t feel the guilt of not doing anything for the world.

  13. vasu mahajan

    April 14, 2009

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    I agree to Big K……. nobody in our so called society is ready to quit his/her MNC job and to work for Indian company………ppl can shout scream on leaders but nobody is ready to take the step. it happens again and again either it is in our Parliament or mumbai train or mumbai Taj hotel………. people get involved for some time and forget with time………. out of sight out of mind…………… some ppl join communities jst and became passive members to over come their guilt k chalo kuch to kiya……………others have an attitude kdt no single person can change the world.. But iI must say Why not??????? if you take your gaurantee atleast something would happen……….we have to take some initiative not to start more and more communities but to work for the country either it is as an individual or as a community………………

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