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Meeting with a politician

By on Mar 20, 2009 | 0 comments

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Today, I had an opportunity to meet a real life politician. While I’ll keep the name of the politician secret, I’ll tell you what I saw and learned. 

The politician was very prompt in welcoming us (I was with a group). He kept his time of the meeting and shook hands with us. He listened to us and also discussed his recent interview on national television. He explained the points he had made and also supported them with legal documents that contained facts and figures. While he was a patient listener, he was multi-tasking. 

There was a couple waiting for him and he attended them. They wanted to thank Mr. Politician for keeping his word and making the admission for their son a smooth process. He asked the servent to serve all of us with tea and also asked for our helping hand in forthcoming elections. He walked till the main gate of his house to see us off. 

People Management Lessons Learned in 20 minutes meeting –

1. Be a good listener.

2. Be very clear while speaking. People love to hear from a person who’s clean in his/her thoughts.

3. Have a smiling face always.

4. Keep your word. 

5. Be a multi-tasker. 

6. Always make an eye contact with everyone if you are addressing a small group.

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