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The Interpretation Business

By on Mar 20, 2009 | 0 comments

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For most of my life, I totally sucked at this ‘interpretation’ business. It’s all about how you use ‘the words’ to your benefit. I first realized this ‘interpretation’ thing in one of the meetings when my senior colleague said, “K, it’s just your interpretation of the situation”. The situation made me look like an idiot among a bunch of intellectuals. For me, there couldn’t have been other interpretations of the situation my team had created. We had messed up in a big way, obviously because of the mismanagement of seniors in the team. But then, the interpretation business opened all new avenues for us to cover our a$$ and make us look smart folks. I was completely ignorant of it, till then.

I’ll write more about this, when I’ve a concrete example to explain the business to you.

The Big K


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