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All Businessmen!

By on Mar 22, 2009 | 1 comment

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I had a strange realization during my last alumni meeting. Every executive member of college alumni team is an entrepreneur/business. We do not have a single (except the college professors who attend our meetings) person who is a serviceman.


All of us grew up thinking businessmen are so hungry for money that they keep on thinking about money all the time. They do not have time for families and relations. They have to work on weekends and they can’t take holidays. Even when they are holidaying, they have their business on their minds.

I see a completely different picture!

The executive team members can spare all the time and money for the alumni meetings. They look relaxed and very active. They all come to the alumni meetings in their ‘big’ cars. And it’s wonderful to see how they are ready for almost everything we decide!

People in service, on the other hand (I guess); want to relax on weekends. They do not have time and energy for such activities. I spoke to few of the senior alumni and they said they were too busy.

Think about it folks; are you really happy with your job? Or you think you should be doing more; something on your own?

The Big K

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