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How to hack gmail / yahoo password

By on Apr 2, 2009 | 11 comments

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If you think I’ve just figured out a way to hack gmail/yahoo passwords; you are wrong. However, this post aims at the growing interest of Indian Engineering Kids in so called ‘hacking’.

Thanks to Ankit Fadia. I have met kids (read engineering students) who think attending Ankit Fadia’s class will tell them how to hack into any damn system out there on the Internet. They don’t even bother to understand the meaning of ‘Ethical Hacking’ and are completely unaware of the fact that hacking is different from cracking. Cracking takes an in-depth understanding of computers & networks and I believe most of the wannabe hacker kids haven’t progressed their computer skills beyond Orkut (the advanced ones use Facebook).

In this contrast, I had an opportunity to interact with an Italian Kid, who is a founder of an open source project, has about 4-5 years of experience in PHP, MYSQL and contributes to number of open source projects in his free time. He’s good at graphic design & earns enough to pay for his education by working on custom coding projects. He’s only 17.

…and I can introduce you to many kids in western countries who are like him. I get disappointed every time.

I know I’ll be asked – ‘What’s your problem dude? If kids wanna Orkut, let them do it.”. My answer is – these engineering kids hold the key to my country’s future. That’s why I’m concerned. And I believe you should be concerned as well.

Back to the topic, hacking gmail/yahoo passwords is not easy as far as I know. There are smarter kids in the world who might have figured out how to do that.

The Big K


  1. Nik

    April 3, 2009

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    Nice article but you are under estimating indian crakers well have u have herd of BiNPDA or PARADOX may be FiRM or EViL , they are just few groups who make ways to defeat software and video game licensing protections or in general crakers and most have indian moderaters

    Crackers are supposed to think beyond all of Us ,so as far as we know hacking gmail/yahoo passwords is not easy but that is where our knowledge lack and that why we dont belong to a cracking group.

    Friend being an indian before getting impressed by italian kid you should check our indan gems like
    S Chandrasekar M.Tech from IIT @ 17 only ,At 9 he became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, MCP. At 10, he was the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCSE. The very next year he had the distinction of becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA
    he not only earns porsh but has set records and this is just a example !!!
    But Nice Blog Keep Gud Work Up!

  2. The Big K

    April 3, 2009

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    @ Nik: I know of few kids from my own city who were once the youngest MCP, MCSE and JCPs.

    Of course there are talented kids. But come on, we should be in the majority – because we are IT-talented, aren’t we?

    I do not mean to underestimate Indian talent. There are wiz-kids out there. But those are exceptions. I’m not talking about exceptions in my above post. I interact with so many engineers every day; but most of them aren’t at all interested in engineering. JAVA and .NET is only for cracking the exams.

    I believe for India to progress; we’ll have to change our own thinking.

  3. ford

    April 19, 2009

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    Hi. I am a hacker. I can get you a myspace,hi5, facebook,msn/hotmail,aol/aim,yahoo,gmail…
    basically any password. I do charge money to get a password. Once I do have password, I’ll
    show proof I have it. Are you interested? Please email me at


  4. joxess

    July 23, 2009

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    i interested in Hacking ! so , i want to learn hacking technology from u .
    i want to friend with u ( .
    i wait your request .

  5. Uttam Singh

    September 16, 2009

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    I am interested in this field, but i have no knowledhe of this field please help me,
    i have done one and half years diploma in software engineering from NIIT. i know SQL, C# & Asp.Net.

  6. himanshu

    December 14, 2009

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    i want to learn how to hack orkut or facebook account becoz sum1 has hacked my account…….

  7. sunith p s

    May 24, 2011

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    sir how to hack gmail or yahoo mail passwords when the person is online?
    please give me a reply………just want to studied about the hacking..

  8. Kukdo197

    December 24, 2011

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    Dear Receiver

    We would like to inform you of the newest method of hacking or to say
    getting someone’s password, such as one of your friend or anyone else’s
    you want. Well here is your chance to get their password by confusing
    the yahoo main server.

    Lets get started

    First you need their yahoo ID if you have that your set to go.

    Step 1 you need to compose a new mail to the address which is a automated reply email from Yahoo.

    Step 2 in the subject type PASSWORD RECOVERY in all caps don’t put anything in the cc. and bcc. Fields.

    *Then on the first line of your document type your yahoo id

    *Your id is needed for the server to send their password back to you.

    *Next one the second line type your password and it must be correct for
    this to work because the server needs it to login and make sure that you
    are a yahoo account holder or that you have a yahoo account.

    *Then one the third line put the email address that you want the
    password to and your password is safe if you type the address above
    correctly because no one sees it, it goes straight to the main server
    which is a machine.


    When the machine gets the email from your address it automatically see’s
    you have a yahoo account by using your password and it look up what
    ever the address is on the third line’s password which is the persons
    who password your trying to get and when it find it instead of sending
    it to the victim it send it back as a reply to the address it was sent
    from which would be yours and you should receive it within 15 to 20
    minutes depending on how busy the server is and it will be in your inbox
    along with the victims password.

    Try it works every time!!!!!

    How your letter should look goes along with steps 1 and 2 and the stars listed above



    FROM: your email address


    CC. empty BCC. empty


    Your Yahoo ID

    Your Yahoo password

    Victims Yahoo e-mail address

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