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Healthy Food Fast

By on Apr 3, 2009 | 1 comment

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I came across a company that’s advertising its services by hiring spammers. So I visited their official page and found out that they are based out of Lucknow (India). I visited their ‘about us’ page and found out their company motto: –

We will not ask for customers business unless it is reasonably sure to us of delivering the desired solution to suffice the needs of the present and future.

Good enough.

Save the incorrect sentence construction; I believe the creator of this motto wanted to have a deep meaning crunched into fewest possible words. It reminds me of the “Dilbert Company Mission Statement Generator” that produced lots of interesting and practical mission statements.

I believe in smart captions that are simple to understand. For example, a fast food company came up with this slogan: Healthy Food Fast

Even better, right? 😉

The Big K

1 Comment

  1. Right about the possible ‘Dilbert Company Mission Statement Generator’ above; gives away the con easily. However consider that even for best, and crisp mission statements, there is always a possibility of mis-communication, as for instance take the fast food company one, ‘Healthy Food Fast’. This can easily be twisted too, ‘For Healthy Food, Fast’, which is not what business and marketing guys intended, and not something for competition to exploit. Crisp or not, most of all a mission statement is gotta be unambiguous, being an easy way by which owners as well as customers identify the business.

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