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An engineering college for Maharashtrian Brahmins

By on Apr 28, 2009 | 33 comments

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Engineering admissions will begin soon. Lot of talented Maharashtrian Brahmins will be denied admissions to engineering colleges because of the quota/reservation system. But since Maharashtrian Brahmin fraternity isn’t so close-knit, no one really bothers. The current Maharastrian Brahmins youth aren’t very entrepreneurial (my personal opinion, no offence meant) and therefore there aren’t (m)any educational institutions owned by us. It bothers me to see lot of Maharashtrian Brahmin youth without jobs (as much as I see any jobless youth).

As one of the mavericks belonging of the community, I have added a ‘to do’ item: Start an engineering college especially for Maharashtrian Brahmin aspiring engineers. We will produce world’s best engineers.

I am not against any community. However, I have strong urge to do something for the Maharastrian Brahmin community. If other communities can run their own colleges, why can’t we?

The Big K


  1. Amit Sharma

    April 29, 2009

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    How about an engineering college which says out loud and clear – no other criterion but merit? An institution which would not bow down to any pressures, including trustees, governments, mobs, and would select students based ONLY on merit. We need such an institution today much more than a college each for each community. What your institution does is impose a 100% reservation based on region+caste, plus it isolates students from your community from people of other communities. Is that healthy?

    It’s a porpoising effect, when you want to “set right” what was done by other communities in the name of “setting right” what your community did to those communities before that, and it will continue.

  2. Mayur

    April 29, 2009

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    Nothing wrong in proposing ‘caste’ oriented college, except the fact that it is not going to improve the society or system but degrade it further.

    Down the line we will start witnessing engineering colleges for Deshatha/Kokanastha/Karade brahmins in Maharashtra or Bhardwaj, Kankubj, Gujar Gaud, Sanadhya, Bhumihar and what not brahmin colleges in Northern India

  3. The Big K

    April 29, 2009

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    @ Amit: Yep, there was a time when I thought a college that would admit candidates based on merit would be great. But not anymore. I leave that idea to others.

    However, that’s not my concept. My engineering college will also impart education in the fields where Maharashtrian brahmans are behind others – business, entrepreneurship & risk taking abilities. The idea is to mix technical minds with a blend of entrepreneurship.

    @Mayur: Perfect. I’d like to add course on brotherhood. This course will teach Maharashtrian Brahmans to support each other and be a close knight community; instead of pulling each other back.
    The college will admit all brahman sub-casts.

  4. Gawran Pundit

    April 29, 2009

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    Yes we need a engineering college for maharashtrian brahmins.Morever, i have one request ::

    Please make sure all the proffessors give internal marks to only those students who have intelligence or some spark and not to those who just lick a**.

    I have been a huge victim of such favouritism throughout my engineering.

  5. kidakaka

    April 30, 2009

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    @Gawran – That’s human behavior, get used to it 🙂
    @Amit – The idea is not to be idealistic, but to be pragmatic. The open student (the one who comes in the open category) is jacked from all sides .. take Mumbai engineering for a change. 50% is reserved for SC/ST/NT and what not. 30% is reserved for girls! So that means a grand 35% is only available for these poor sods. And if you look at some of the leading colleges like Thadomal Sahani for instance, they have a 60% sindhi quota :-), effectively saying that no other students allowed until and unless you are a girl or have a CVC (caste validity certificate). Where does the normal average Joe go?

  6. The Big K

    April 30, 2009

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    Favorism? I’m planning to eliminate the examination system in the proposed college. We’ll provide our own degree certificate.

    • Raj

      June 26, 2015

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      Actually I had the same plan cause a friend who was quite richer then me got admission in a college which I wanted got admission even though he was 8 ℅ behind me cause he was an (sc)

  7. Amit

    April 30, 2009

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    the solution to someone forcing you to drink poison is not to force someone else to drink poison.
    if the institute i propose is made why do you think the average joe will suffer?

    you’re imparting knowledge and skills to your students… Very good. But why do you want to push social factions further apart?

  8. The Big K

    April 30, 2009

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    @Amit: I am not. The college will teach kids to mix with everyone and respect all communities/religions.

    Don’t you think open category students suffer a lot because of the reservations? I just can’t sit idle and watch them suffer.

  9. Amit

    April 30, 2009

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    You’ll teach your students to mix but will only accept students from a particular caste. Practice versus preach?

    sure the general category students suffer due to reservations. I am one. But am I allowed admission in your college?

    is more reservation the solution to the problem created by reservation?

    you haven’t yet told us why you dropped the idea of a college which values nothing but merit.

  10. The Big K

    April 30, 2009

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    I understand your point. Let me put it in this way –

    Consider a family. Parents teach their kids values of life, to speak, to read, about their own religion, few technical things and prepare for the outer world. Parent’s don’t teach neighbour’s kids, right?

    That’s what I plan to do in my college.

    To answer your second question about why I’m dropping the idea of a college which values nothing but merit, I’ll take the above example again. Parents would teach their kids no matter how ‘average’ or ‘above average’ they are.

  11. Pallavi

    May 1, 2009

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    @ K-After graduation I did not get admission in any of the Institutes I wanted even though I got a good rank in the entrance exams, because the seats in general quota every where were limited to 4 or 10. I finally gave up the idea of studying further and I don’t see hope in near future as well… If people open Institutes especially for their community I wonder where I could apply. When I applied in a Punjab Univ Institute they told me you are a Punjabi living in Haryana- NA. When I applied to an Institute in Delhi University they said you are not from Delhi.

    I think students who want to grow and learn will have to be their own teachers because Institutes like yours don’t have seats for us. I was lucky enough to find my way and make a career. I hope the others who are denied admission can do the same.

  12. Amit

    May 1, 2009

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    Well put Pallavi.

    i wonder how many parents ask their kids for caste certificates before feeding them 🙂

  13. The Big K

    May 1, 2009

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    @Pallavi: I’m not against admissions on merit basis.

    I am being bigotic about admitting only a specific community; because I do see a huge problem and I also have a solution that works. I’m ok with it. If colleges can have reservations for the backward classes, I do not see any problem in opening a college for the forward (?) classes.

    @ Amit: Of course parents don’t ask for the cast certificate :mrgreen:. The only qualification (if it’s to be called so) is that the kids are offspring of the parents. That’s the thought. Treat a community as a family and do everything you can for the community.

    …Or wait till we eradicate the caste system, religions, imaginary geographical boundaries. Now I ‘Imagine’, Mr. Lennon.

    • tj

      April 18, 2012

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      @24554427a776a679515b91eb3225e378:disqus i appreciate your feelings,but i dont think it is legal,because even if u do open a college,u have to abide by the reservations policy to get it recognized by any university

      • The Big K

        April 18, 2012

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        Who cares about the affiliations and approval? It’s going to be private, independent college. We’ll provide real education and create real engineers. 

  14. Pallavi

    May 2, 2009

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    @ K: Tell me something is it fair that I had to give up on higher studies only because of caste/community or reservations. The bottom line is admission on merit basis does not count any longer… You have figured out the problem, but incomplete. If we say education is right of all! Then why create differentiators or barriers that don’t allow me to study.

    Would have been happier if you would have decided to open a college that said- education for all those who were denied it else where because of reasons known… It would have been a forward (!) approach… and a welcome change.

    Otherwise you are no different from the others- your way of communicating may be, reasons are the same. Thanks for making me realize that you talk to me- because you don’t look down upon me based on caste, religion and other such social barriers BUT at the same time I can never be a part your community & college for the same reasons!

    Still will laud your efforts- at least someone wants to and is trying to make an effort even though it is community driven…

    I think today I will question my parents why did they do an inter caste marriage which confuses people about my identity and why being a Punjabi they live in Haryana or better still why did they not also open a college for ME!

  15. The Big K

    May 2, 2009

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    @Pallavi: You were denied admissions because of non-proper reasons. You simply chose circumvent the problem and chose your own path. The next generations will face the same problem but no one will do anything about it.

    Opening a college for those who were denied admission elsewhere is what I’m doing; but limiting it to a community because I have special sentiments for them. You may not be admitted to the college, but you are welcome to be a part of the community.

    Understand that we aren’t ‘separating’ one community from the others. But if the backward classes can unite and setup ridiculous levels of reservations in almost everything we (the forward classes) do have a right to do so. You may say I’ve come up with an incomplete solution; but I’ve a solution that works.

    Tell the communities who go on hunger strike for reservations about the importance of having merit based admissions and I’ll happily open my college to everyone. As they say, you can’t clap with one hand.

    However, it is foolish to wait for the world peace and watch the forward classes suffer till then.

  16. Pallavi

    May 2, 2009

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    I simply chose circumvent my problem- do you realize what you said! How would you have felt if, you had to give up on the career of your choice not because of you are incapable but because of other issues.

    When you have come up with a plan B- have a tag of just being a graduate have to explain the whole damn world of scholars in the circle why you chose an alternate path and have to start from the scratch. or should have told my parents I don’t care how and from where you manage it but send me to a private institutes which charges a fee that goes into lacs.

    It is easier said than done- of course I present myself as an example who made the most of what ever I had. Education is not everything you need to make a career!

    Like I said I laud your efforts- you have found a solution from which at least one community benefits.

  17. The Big K

    May 2, 2009

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    I’ve ‘felt’ it during my engineering admissions. The folks filled up all the seats and I had to go to another college. But I don’t regret 🙂

    Education is everything! Not the one that you get in schools. Education comes in various forms. For technical education you do need colleges or institutes.

    My college is set to run on donations from the community. Will teach the students for free.

  18. Amit

    May 4, 2009

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    I don’t have a caste certificate. There wasn’t any reservation for me in any college. Does your college at least give me a chance of admission? You know your ‘solution’ is worse than the problem you’re out to solve – atleast the colleges you’re lambasting give other candidates a chance – with a handicap of course – but still a chance. You’ve closed your doors for the most brilliant student in the universe if she’s not from your caste.

    and i’m still waiting for answers to my earlier questions… I don’t imply that you have to answer them. But attempting to answer them would show that you’re honest and committed towards the debate.

  19. Ashwini

    May 31, 2010

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    Go ahead and do it man. Debates and intellectualization will be there for any social issues. None of us can make everybody happy. However, if you can help atleast some then do it. For me even if each community decides to do something for themselves eventually the entire society will benefit. instead of focussing on caste tentions I think you should just focus on providing the best of the education, and seeing to it that who ever passess with an degree from your college has the state of the art knowledge. May your college turn out to be no less that our IITs.

  20. Sriram

    January 23, 2011

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    Hi K,

    It’s a great Initiative; I need you guidance on this front. Planning to start ont in TN down the line.


  21. Circularsquare

    April 19, 2012

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    While I do agree that reservations are harming us as a society , I don’t think removal of reservations will help the talented ‘Brahmin’ youths whom you find without jobs.

    Consider the following :- 

    1)About 50% of seats are reserved. Removal of this will double the seats. But personally I think today the seat : candidate ratio must be 1:10 . Removal of reservations will bring it down to 1:5. (I am citing these rough figures based on entrance examinations stats, they are by no means accurate.)

    Thinking of the larger picture what we need is more colleges of quality and less population.

    2) Further in this blog post you raise the issue of Brahmin youths being without ‘jobs’ and not degree. Jobs in the private sector do not come under reservations. So Brahmins are not being discriminated there.

    3) You also talk about other communities running their own colleges. Which exactly are these colleges ? In case a college is having reservation quota it is simply following AICTE guidelines. I personally haven’t heard of any college where 100% seats are reserved.

    And lastly , the very idea of a college for a particular community seems archaic.
    Haven’t we had enough Eklavyas in history ? Suppose you hold an entrance exam for your college and a student from a so-called ‘lower caste’ successfully cracks it in the open category , would he/she still be denied admission to your college , just because of his/her birth ?

    I agree with your angst against reservations. Reservations are only strengthening the caste distinctions already prevalent in the society.

    You are prepared to flout AICTE guidelines by not following the reservation policy in your proposed college. My suggestion is have a college which is open for all categories. But the only criteria should be merit. 100 % seats are open to entire population. This sort of college would be a better service to society than a college dedicated to Brahmins(that too marathi) only. Throughout history Brahmins have been accused of being exclusivist and aloof , the college you propose will only add weight to such accusations. 

    My only point is merit should be criteria for entrance not birth – be it high caste or low caste.

    P.S :- this seems to be an old post, I came to know about it only because of the recent comments sidebar.

  22. Ramesh

    April 25, 2014

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    I support your view strongly.

    It is time for Brahmins in India to come united strongly.

  23. Raj

    June 26, 2015

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    This idea is really good but plz do add kshatriyas dey too were sidelined like brahmins

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