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Indian Motorcycle Advertisements

By on Apr 29, 2009 | 3 comments

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As my old (I mean regular) readers know, I do not watch TV even when it’s turned off. However, I turn it on once in a while just to give the overall TRP a boost.

…and whenever I do that, the TV disappoints me.

In my opinion, the motorcycle industry has grown in the recession. The logical reason could be that the depressed people buy motorcycles and wroom them on the roads without wearing helmet. So that they can die and get rid of the recession. Anyway. What bothers me more is the stereotype advertisement every motorcycle company airs to discover depressed people.

I’ve made following observations about motorcycle advertisements –

Why do all the motorcycle ads look the same?

The Big K


  1. kidakaka

    April 30, 2009

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    I can answer that!! Go to for seeing the PLC of a motorbike. Needless to say it is in the Mature phase (which seems correct from what you have put in this post). All these shortforms and technical jargon are essentially to differentiate each bike brand from the other – since the actual functionality as such of the bike is pretty much the same .. it has two tyres, an engine, a solid and sleek body, two people can sit … yada yada. Heres an exercise, can you think of 5 things you can come up with to differentiate your brand (assuming you have your own bike brand to sell). 🙂

    PS – Long time no hear! Hows everything?

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