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Can I make decisions for you?

By on May 2, 2009 | 11 comments

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I’m convinced that Indian Engineering students (and others also) have lost their ability to think. I’ve enough examples to prove my point and it disheartens me. I’ve had following conversation with a girl who is in 3rd or 2nd year of engineering (Computer Engineering) :-

G: hi….i wnt sum advice rel8ed 2 my sem subj8s…

K: Ok, how may I help?

G: there are two grp Ist grp have datamining and datawarehouse,artificial intellingenceand neural and fuzzy logic and 2nd grp has software testing and design and analysis in compiter network

K: I see.

G: so which sub should I choose 1 sub from eaxh grp and why help

K: You should go with the subjects you are interested in.

G: I want to what future demand

K: Frankly speaking, no one can tell that.

G: Tell me about software testing

K: An integral part of SDLC, will always be in demand, I think.

G: means Its like a software eng.

K: Not sure. I’m not a computer engineer.

G: So who are you?

K: I’m an Electrical engineer.

G: Ok fine bye.

I think I was expected to answer like this:

“You should definitely go with Group I because it is the future!”. Instead, I advised to go with the subject that interests you more. That was an unexpected answer.

I wished the student had spend some time reading about the subjects, course contents, getting information on software testing etc. and decide for herself. Instead she chose to get ready-made answer like all our Indian engineering students do, normally. Engineers are the creators of technology and they define the world. But I believe Indian engineers have convinced themselves that the writing 100 lines of code in JAVA is the best thing they can do.

Or worse; most of them have no fire to create something new and guts/desire to take necessary steps.

The Big K


  1. Pallavi

    May 2, 2009

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    She must have been one those students who got admission based on reservations and community preferences taking some deserving candidates seat. Hence can’t blame her for not having that zeal and fire in her to be a good engineer in the making. She must have got into one of the colleges that have a policy that they would teach their community kids no matter how ‘average’ or ‘above average’ they are. If you compromise on quality how can you expect a great product.

    Apologies, since I am not from an engineering background I don’t know about the subject, but I am able to put across my point.

  2. The Big K

    May 2, 2009

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    Engineering is about attitude than degrees or certificates. So chill.

    Are you, in a way implying, that the candidates who seek seats through quota can’t think on their own? No way!

    It’s the general attitude I see in people around me. No one wants to take efforts and think on their own. Ready made is what we want.

  3. Pallavi

    May 2, 2009

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    My point is- every candidate who comes through quota or reservations may not be capable enough and there might be better/brighter student who did deserve that seat. She could be one of those students- I said could! (Separate issue though)

    Agreed, people want you to think for them, of course that helps me grow because my mind is thinking for someone else too! But this has become a norm because we have been spoon fed all our life. I refuse to do that at my work place now. People are not used to applying their minds/brains and think. What I do- teach them how to think teach them application of their own minds. Works better that ways, yields better results and makes them better professionals! Rather than letting them be, we have to teach them how to use it.

  4. kidakaka

    May 2, 2009

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    She need not be from reservation 🙂 .. most of the engineers (esp. Mumbai University) I see fall in this category. Sad but true. They dont think!!

  5. priyanka

    May 4, 2009

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    Actually there mind is not proactive,they want someone else to take take decision for them.. they just to know the advantages and disadvantages for the things they want to go…and th thing like “quota or reservation” doesnt play nay role into it.. its a state of mind!!

  6. Amit

    May 4, 2009

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    Pressure to earn, earn fast, earn more (by being in the hot sector), and to ensure job security. What else would you expect from a country where kids are taught to be sw engineers and doctors simply because you learn more and get to in abroad.

  7. The Big K

    May 4, 2009

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    @ Priyanka: its a state of mind – Agreed!

    @ Amit – “Pressure to earn, earn fast, earn more (by being in the hot sector), and to ensure job security. What else would you expect from a country where kids are taught to be sw engineers and doctors simply because you learn more and get to in abroad.”

    -Very well said.

  8. Gawran Pundit

    May 7, 2009

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    The problem is with the existing syllabus and system.It forces the students to either mug up and be a pseudo-scholar or FAIL !!

    Consider my case. I am in T.E.Comp (Pune) and this semester(2nd) we have a practical exam which is based on Java and Systems Progg. But, we actually have to understand and implement 18 programs roughly from 5-6 different languages from different generations… This is IMPOSSIBLE to do given the other useless things we are compelled to do ….For instance, the time wasted in submissions, the time wasted in attending lectures of pathetic teachers for having 75% attendance ,etc..

    So, I am left with 2 choices. Either I get the readymade programs from somewhere, read them, understand them and implement them


    Try to do all programs by myself and end up getting a lot of backlogs or even failing in the practs because I wont be able to complete all programs from different languages in stipulated time.

    Morever, the teachers dont teach even a single thing(forget even conceptual teaching, their english is pathetic to say the least).

    Looking at all this sad state of affairs, I wish if I were born on streets or in a very poor family, because then I would have done something practical in life and with full freedom(e.g. using my oratory skills to become a top journalist or becoming a businessman by starting small) rather than wasting 4 years in Engineering(?). I cant do that in my current life because of society and pressure from other factors which will drive me nuts.

    What we Engg students need is On-the-job experience of programming rather than studying useless theory subjects(mostly comprising of electronics which we dont need).

  9. Mayur

    May 8, 2009

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    That is bang in the middle of the forehead GP. Sadly, we all are a part of the same Engineering band wagon

  10. smita89

    May 26, 2009

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    its the MUG or SLUG world out there. It’s scary but its been there like this since a long time now. GP has pointed out the trend very accurately. I’m in 3rd yr of ETC engr and right now I feel SO lost about my future than anyone possibly can. I know for sure, I don’t want to write 100 odd lines in JAVA but where’s the exposure to create something new?

    Most of the teachers in my college just tell our 4th yr seniors to stick with the projects that have been already made once before (its easier for the teachers to understand it too.. i mean COME ON!!) I know a few students who have those fiery ideas but sooner or later a fire extinguisher (read: crap Indian educational system) comes up and the flame get gets extinguished..

    its a tangle between the dreamer vs the achiever.. and the dreamer always loses 🙁

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