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Do you think I’ll fail?

By on Jun 3, 2009 | 3 comments

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An entrepreneur’s world is full of nay-sayers. When I started my venture, few of my friends and colleagues showed support, but indirectly hinted me, I’ll fail.

When the venture picked up some pace, people said it’s temporary – won’t last longer. I’ll fail.

When we started making buzz, few people shut their mouth and chose to be ignorant. Others said, it’s a fad. There are tons of folks who do what you do. You’ll fail.

When I quit my job, people secretly thought I’ll fail.

It’s been 3.5 years now since I started. Those who thought I’d fail, have shut their mouth.

However, I’ve greatest supporters since day 1. The top 2 are my mother & my sisteter. They believe more in me than I do in myself. Few of my friends have been great supporters throughout. It feels great.

I sincerely urge all of you – never dicourage any entrepreneur. They are the ones who give you jobs and make your home run. They are the ones responsible for making a better world. Even the chair you are sitting on right now, is a an output of a business created by an entrepreneur. Imagine the world without them?

The Big K


  1. Pallavi

    June 4, 2009

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    For the first time, I think I agree with you and 200%… If somebody wouldn’t have taken the plunge, people like me wouldn’t have been where we are…

    An Entrepreneur not only responsible for his success and failure but the team that looks up to him as a mentor

    When anyone asks me what about starting your own company- I give a simple answer, I love my good night sleep! As an employee no matter how involved I am with the company, end of the day I am just an employee and not responsible for signing the pay cheques which eventually would run somebody’s home…

    Its thanks to people like you who not only make an entity for themselves but help us make ours too…

    PS: I appreciate & regard those entrepreneurs even more who realise the value and worth of their employees and don’t grow in isloation but the entire team goes ahead with him. A good entrepreneur understands that if he had the guts/ will to start-up a venture then there were people who placed their faith in it as well & joined the team to nurture it along with you!

  2. Mayur

    June 4, 2009

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    Excuse me but are you begging?

    Sorry for a rude comment Biggie. If you are good, you are good no matter what others say. You have always been that ways and yours so called friends too have been the same as they were. Entrepreneurship is a funny little thing. It has got to do with one man’s vision and other people’s belief in his vision. As long as you are carrying an able brain on your shoulders, people will and should support you till the end… and will continue to relive the dream even after you.

    PS: I think you are slowly turning yourself into a Legend


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