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The hyper kid

By on Jun 5, 2009 | 3 comments

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The kids born after year 2000 are all hyper. Period.

They can operate mobile phones, play games on PSP (Play Station Portable), can guide you though busy streets to you home from the mall, enter PIN codes in ATM machines, talk to you about IPL T-20, speak in English with their Software Engineer parents and what not!

I met one such hyper kid (HK) in the elevator. Yes, the kid knew how to take the elevator to reach to the ground floor! Just to check my intelligence, he asked –

HK: Uncle, how much is 2 plus 1?

K: Uncle 😯 Me? Dude!

HK: … (* gives me a strange look *)

K: *thought to myself* from his height, I must be looking gigantic enough to confuse him about my age.

K: Two plus one is Four. (I thought I’d make the kid smile by being stupid at math. PS: Why do we try to make kids smile? Maybe to make them look cuter?)

HK: *now gives me the exact look I had when my physics professor had asked me the three very long EMF equations in front the whole class*

HK: Uncle, two plus one is THREE.

The elevator comes to a halt on the ground floor. I rush to tell the kid I’m not yet 30 to be labeled as “Uncle’ by kids of his age.

K: Call me “dada” (Brother, in English).

He ignores my request and departs.

Of course, he must have thought “a person who couldn’t do simple math; has no right to tell me whether to address him as Uncle or Dada”.

The Big K


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