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Good Bye, Michael Jackson

By on Jun 26, 2009 | 0 comments

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It was my friend’s elder brother’s room where I first saw Michael Jackson’s big poster. I remember it was the cover MJposter of Michael Jackson’s album BAD. I thought my friend’s brother was crazy. But then my friend told me his brother was MJ fan and I had laughed.

That time, cable TV had just entered India (I guess) and I’d try to understand & enjoy MTV songs. Most of them didn’t make sense (and still don’t). However, I really loved watching MJ’s Black Or White. I saw MJ moonwalk on MTV and it was the coolest dance step I had ever seen. I suddenly wanted to know more about MJ and listen to his songs. I got a cassette from my friend – he almost had all of MJ’s cassettes. I listened to Black or White again and again and also started looking for MJ’s video on MTV.

Then I saw MJ’s Smooth Criminal. Awesome! Then I saw his live show on MTV – and I became MJ fan. Since then I’ve listened to almost all of MJ’s songs and still listen to “Man in the Mirror” – one of my favoritest songs. I could go on quoting my favorite MJ songs.I own a MJ VCD – Best of MJ.

Michael has been the world’s biggest entertainer; and like almost all gifted people – lived a troubled life. But his contribution to our lives cannot be underestimated. His songs will continue to be part of our lives & he will continue to entertain us for centuries to come.

My wish to meet MJ in person will remain unfulfilled.

Good Bye, Michael Jackson.

The Big K

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