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Inbox Fun

By on Jul 10, 2009 | 2 comments

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Since Google provides this ability to chat from the mailbox; few of the clueless people in the world have began taking advantage to seek free lunch. Here’s my conversation with a stranger [another engineering student/graduate]:

Stranger:  hi
K: Hello
Stranger: sir
K: Yes? Tell me?
Stranger: i want to prepare foe ias so which subject i should chose
K: Please post your query on CE.
Stranger: ok thanks

[After some time, the stranger strikes back -]

Stranger: Hello…
K: Hello
Stranger: plz tell the requitement for the NTPC
K: Didn’t get you, sorry.
Stranger: Goverment job most thing is important
K: Yes. However, I still didn’t get your question. Do you want to know how to get into NTPC?
Stranger: yes
K: Look at this:
Stranger: ok
K: All the best.
Stranger: tanks

The Big K


  1. Gawran Pundit

    July 10, 2009

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    sir plez plez mail me your final year project i need it for my project final and also maill me if you have any other projects plz plz plzzz….my id is….. thnx…..

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