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Business Vs. Bussiness

By on Jul 11, 2009 | 1 comment

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Here’s a conversation that took place at college today. I was waiting for my turn to visit the Dean and a stranger [in his early 30’s] occupied the seat beside me.

Stranger: Boss, hello…

K: Yep?

Stranger: [Shows a form to me, pointing at a word with his index finger]: Is this rite? How many ‘S’s should be there? One or Two?

K: [Looking at misspelled “Bussiness”]: Only one ‘S’.

Stranger: Hmm. Thought So. Thank you.

K: You’re welcome.

Stranger: You are a student of this college?

K: (DARN!! 😐 )

K: No, I graduated from this college in 2003.

Stranger: Oh 🙂

[Dean signals me to join him in his cabin. The stranger accompanies]

Dean: (introducing me to stranger) K, meet <stranger> from Singapore. He runs his own big business in Singapore.

K:  Oh, really? Interesting! :mrgreen:

The Big K

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