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About Ruchika Khosla

By on Jul 12, 2009 | 12 comments

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My old post “About Me Contest” got a big comment from SuperBlog reader Ruchika Khosla. I’m promoting the comment to the post. Take your time to read it and post your comment. Here we go –


i m ruchika khosla,a 24 years old girl,i live with my only frnd in my whole life infact my everything my love my inspiration my guide my friend my philosopher was my grandmom.for others she is no more inthis world bt for me she is still alive i was used to share my each and every thing every feeling with her only,my grandmom and my father are only 2 persons who understand me completly they cn predict very easily that wat decision i would take in any situation,i faced a strange life.wen i was a kid my childhood life upto the age of 12 cn b called a golden period as i was loved and cared by all persons as i lived in a joint family.but actually i was wrong nw when i look at past i come to know tht the love was bcoz of my father’s father was in business of garments and shoes,and my ambition was to become a big businessperson to increase my father’s work bt one day my world changed father met an accident and got paralyised,due to brain hamerej.and at tht time i saw all relations changing there colour.i wont say they didnt help me they did by in exchange the cost theycharge was so high that all my future dreams shattered.i knw the first time i start cooking my whole hand got burnt and i was nt evn able to cry,my mom was with my father as he needs some one to move,i start taking all responsibilities of my younger sister and tht was just a start the same year my grandmom to get brainhameraj attack.and a 13 years old gal suddenly start getting changed in a woman,mujhe pata hi nai chala,i take all responsibilities of household and outside to i still remember the moment i first submit a bill.the eyes of people,bt times go on,i studied and withthat tak care of my grandmom as all her children left her on me saying tht i should pay for the love i got frm her,par unhone kabhi meri himmat totne nai di.i was used to sleep at 3 and woke up at 6 to do households bfore going to fathers business was in hands of my realatives and was going down,with the time my father start standing nothing was unhone haar nai mani.we started running a shopand due to my grandmom,s blessings and my parents hard work it started giving us bread.and suddenly i start founding all relatives agn at my place.i start taking part in father’s business and start the habit of saying no.i faced a hardlife bt i always have a hope that i will rectify all things 1 day,wen i completed schooling i start working as my father still dnt have sufficient funds so tht he can bear my studies expense,things started getting btter fr me and one day i lost my grandmom,i was broked completly,and nobody was ther to help me out,i m living only with a ambition that one day i will make a house for my parents with all facilities and build up a business fr him agn.i m a common human being fr me my family is my world,i dnt want to leave them bt at present i m in a difficulty so once i make a house for them i would make their life comfortable,and leave to a place far enough,bt the things taught me are quite bitter i m tired badly still smiling just for my family’s parents wants a boy child at the time i born,this thing grow in my child mind and i promised myslf tht i would do every thing a boy cn do fr his parents,bt i lost nw everybody evn talk to me only at time of need,i realy think i m standing at a corner of river,just to make my family crossed and the drow myslf.

thts me ruchika

The Big K


  1. Crazy

    July 12, 2009

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    * Just couldn’t stop myself from commenting on this, so Please don’t mind ok*
    Hats off to you Ruchika, Keep on going and beating this cruel world. My best wishes are with you. You seriously reminded me of my father -my only inspiration.

    All the best !

    PS: Assuming the story was true.

  2. Diff

    July 13, 2009

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    This is indeed a sad story which has other sides as well. As they say life teaches us a lot thru experience. I am sure this experience will help you in rest of your life. Well, hats off to you for the courage you have shown which is not seen normally. Be brave (as you are now) and keep up the good work.

  3. ruchika khosla

    July 17, 2009

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    this is my life story it is as true as truth is and frm my life i learnt that nobody cn help a person if they dont want to help himself or herslf.i feel i m getting weak day by day after doing so mch for them who dont love me at all my family persons wish that i may die in morning when i leave home my sister says me ‘so many persons dies in accidents why dont u” i dont have any reply,all persons hate me,m i so bad maine aaj tak jo kuch kiya aur kar rahi huvo kisi selfish motive se nai kiya,i did every thing as my duty bt i atleasst need to be treated as a human being.

  4. Pallavi

    July 17, 2009

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    @ Ruchika- I don’t know what you want- But sympathy from strangers is not going to help you in any way… Self pity is the worst way to question your dignity. You did whatever you could for family out of your love for them and as your duty.. Now stand up for yourself and prove your worth to others.

    Instead of listing down what all is wrong in your life try and list down the solutions- I know it is easier said than done but whatever you are doing to yourself is not going to help you either. Damn those who hate you! You faced so much that by now you should be strong in mind and not think about ending your life and all that jazz. And yeah if you need help then ask for it directly- trust me you will get it from some corner!

    I believe nothing in life can be so bad that it can’t be fixed! Go for it… All the best! And yeah, post an update on yourself

  5. Ashish Rawlani

    July 21, 2009

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    hi ruchika,
    i read the complete thing + ur post also. so 1 thing, i wanna tell u. the conditions u faced, were truly bad, even nobody could do so much whatever u have done. just read this quote, after reading u’ll feel it fits ur situation : ” DO THE BEST & HOPE FOR THE WORST “. what u did was not wrong, but what u r doing now is wrong? don’t act like a mouse in the house, snug like a bug in the rug. From now onwards, act sharply, tightly, cleverly to those people who abuse you. just give them a smile in return of what they say & say “THANKS”. Don’t let ur mind get heavy by listening those words/things, act like WHO CARES IF SOMEBODY ELSE RULES THE WORLD, I WANT TO LIVE LIKE I RULE THE WORLD….THAT’S CALLED ATTITUDE..!!!
    This thing is missing in U….improve urself but don’t get into 2 much of attitude…..otherwise u’ll fall…..u need attitude + self-confidence.
    A sheer ladder going straight towards success with a lot of thorns in the path. Ignore the pain given by thorns, success is URS…..


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