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Idiots, spare me!

By on Jul 12, 2009 | 1 comment

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I used to think India’s got lot of talent. But I am wrong. I don’t understand why people lack basic, simple, common sense! This is another ‘ping’ I got when I logged on to Yahoo –

Out of nowhere, an idiot pings me:

<idiot> :  hi..hw 2 apply lights?

Me: What?

<idiot> : i wanna apply lights in 3ds.

Me: Still didn’t get you. Who are you?

<idiot> : m <snipped>. u kw 3ds?

Me: What’s 3ds? [Makes a wild guess]: Are you talking about 3D Studio Max?

<idiot> : Yes. hw 2 aply lights in it?

<idiot>: ok byeeeeee..

What the HECK!

The Big K

1 Comment

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