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By on Jul 16, 2009 | 4 comments

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Most of the folks in my alma mater identify me as the guy who’s got all the solutions for their computer related problems like –

  1. “Ye Site Nahi Khul Rahi” [This site’s not opening]
  2. “Boss, icon kaha gayab ho gaya?” [Where’s the icon? It was on desktop!]
  3. “Blog kya chiz hai?” [What’s a blog?]
  4. “I want two copies of this (e)mail” [Hard copies]
  5. “Network kyu down ho raha bar bar?” [Why does the network go down?]
  6. and many more.

But I understand their queries and their curiosity to understand computers. So I help them as much as I can and educate them. But then, there are few smarter folks who try to show that they are more advanced computer users than anyone around. For them ย and then following conversation takes place –

Him: “Boss, this is no doubt good. But I have a suggestion for improvement”.

K: “Sure. What is it?”

Him: “Give it an IP and on that IP, just add a Skype link”.

K: “Didn’t get you, sorry. You want to setup Skype status on this page?”

Him: “No No No….. Do you know Skype? Ever used it?”

K: “Yes, of course.”

Him: “Then just add an IP and add Skype on it. So anyone clicking on that IP will be able to Video Chat with us”

K: “Hmm. Ok :mrgreen:

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