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4 working days to update my email ID! DOH!

By on Aug 3, 2009 | 3 comments

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Dear Superblog Readers,

I just had a telephone call with my bank’s call center agent regarding the error I’m receiving while registering my Credit Card for Master Cards’s NetSafe. The error says that my email ID does not match with my Bank’s records. The agent told me that they do not have my email ID 😯 !

Earlier, I thought, the agent must have made a spelling mistake while entering my email ID in their system. But guess what? They did not enter it at all! Woa! 🙁

Ok, they asked me for my email ID and I spelled it for them loudly [Like t for ‘telephone’, h for ‘hammer’, e for ‘elephant’ and so on] so that there’s no mistake. After noting down my email ID correctly (I HOPE SO!) the agent told me that it will take 4 working days for my email ID to update in their system! I am hoping that the ‘system’ they have is very well computerized and runs on processors faster than 8085 :p .

I’ve a question. 4 WORKING DAYS? FOR WHAT?


The Big K


  1. Mayur

    August 3, 2009

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    “The Big K plans to change his email id” will be the news head line. I think they are planning to put it in papers before they update your records. You are a popular guy. :mrgreen:

    Should have used your online banking id immediately the day you received the credit card. I guess it takes about 15 sec to update email id on any of the bank’s cards I have used, including SBI 🙂

  2. The Big K

    August 3, 2009

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    Guess what? I’m just waiting for reliance bill pay system to come back live so that I can pay the bill 😛 . I’m not writing a separate post about it. Just that my transaction failed for about 4 times in row.

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