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What are your strengths & weaknesses?

By on Aug 4, 2009 | 4 comments

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That was the question I answered in few of the job interviews I appeared for as a fresh graduate engineer. To begin with, I’ve no clue why ‘fresh’ is used to describe a newly graduated engineer. I think because they all look in hope that they will receive FAT salary paycheck soon and they will be the employee-extraordinaire. Whatever!

So, today (night, actually) I’ve decided to let the world [the little one comprising of me, you and people with IQ greater than 20] know about my weaknesses. Don’t be ecstatic because you can’t use my weaknesses to your advantage.

1. I think I’ve no weakness: This, in turn, is a weakness. The feeling that I’ve no weakness sometimes makes me feel as if I’m down to earth but above you all. I’ve even written that message on my T-shirt. I sincerely feel I should stop pushing you down with my intelligence & shrewdness. Bruwahahaha. I’m so humble you see [my strength].

2. The sharp tongue: I’m quick witted and that goes against me at times. That’s one weakness I have not been able to overcome despite trying hard. When someone says something against my thoughts, my tongue springs into action and does the job of venting out all the unnecessary words. Those words can hurt people.

3.  Temper:  The temper control processor in my brain operates so fast that it warms up & explodes in mili-seconds. However, I’ve been able to gain lot of control over it during past 4-5 years. I no longer get angry or upset. I just have learned to ignore. If someone says anything against me – I simply ignore. I seldom let anger or worry into my brain. However, sometimes, it just becomes unbearable. Sorry.

4. Procrastination: My #1 enemy. I keep on stuff pending thinking I’ll fix it at ‘proper time’. But ‘proper time’ never arrives. I’m trying to overcome this one, trust me. But I’ll do it soon.

5. <Will add more upon realization>.

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  1. Mayur

    August 5, 2009

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    “A fool thinks himself as very wise. But a wise man thinks he is still a fool and has a long way to go”

  2. durga

    August 6, 2009

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    I see!
    I think temper and sharp tongue have become kind of norm these days.
    As far as ignoring people is concerned, I prefer giving up on them 😛 its rather self satisfactory you see, not having expectations from others

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