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The Blind Search : Try It!

By on Aug 10, 2009 | 4 comments

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If I ask you, which search engine produces the best results for your keywords – almost all of you will say “GOOGLE!”. Now, you never verified that and went with the trend. I welcome you to try out the Blind Search Tool!

URL: The Blind Search

The blind search tool lets you enter your keyword in the search box. It then makes a search on three different search engines [ Google, Bing & Yahoo ]. The results are then displayed in three columns without disclosing which column belongs to which search engine. You are then asked to select the best result just by looking at the relevance of the results. Once you choose the best result; it shows you which search engine produced that.

I searched thrice. I selected Bing twice and Yahoo once 🙂 ! .

So I’m thinking, have I been programmed to think that it’s always the Google that produces the best search results? Or is it their clean GUI that makes me want to search there. Or is it that I’m sticking to Google because everyone around me thinks that Google’s the best?

Give Blind Search a try and let me know what you found out. It might be that you’ll choose Google. That’s alright. But definitely, worth giving a thought.

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  1. Vidyut

    August 11, 2009

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    Whoa!good one. One can search 3 engines at a time. In my case it was Google all 3 times.

  2. durga

    August 11, 2009

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    nice find!
    For me it was GOOGLE.
    By the way if the positions of the results dont change (three times I tried , it was arranged Google, yahoo, bing), then the fun in play is runied:P
    After a while you will figure out which ones what!

  3. Mayur

    August 11, 2009

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    Well this is indeed interesting. TO make sure I rate the search engine properly, I searched three different terms.

    First I searched my own name and then a term “cloud computing services”. In both cases I reached google. I was searching specific things and it returned with good results from social or commercial sites.

    Next I tried searching sentences, for example “request for proposal for providing infrastructure management services.” OR “How to convert Watt to amperes” and Bing ruled the roast.

    Then I tried searching news articles on 2-3 different but generic topics (ex. Swine flu, China floods) and the result was mixed. I landed on Yahoo twice, Google once and Bing once.

    I wonder why such a difference.

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