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In the end, only money matters

By on Aug 15, 2009 | 8 comments

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Here’s another comment upgraded to a post. Superblog reader ‘kaka’ posted following comment on my post “Why Should I Stay In India?” –

US is alaways a better place to be.we indians a too patriotic about our country, which is not helping us in any manner and we are making ourselves narrow minded. At the end money is what matters, if you can earn more money in india then go ahead, if in us then go ahead. Remember money can solve most of our problems. the rest of the problems can be solve by changing our attitude.

I thought of upgrading this comment to a post because the comment was made on Independence Day. I won’t express my personal opinion on the comment right away. I wish to know your views on what’s being said in the comment.

“In The End, it’s the money that matters”.

What do you say?

Tell me.

The Big K


  1. smita

    August 15, 2009

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    No offense to kaka, but I think thats the most unthoughtful and shallow comment I’ve ever read. Its not about where you can make more money, its about exploiting the resources available to you and making something GREAT happen out of something trivial. People going to US to “earn more money” are helping the US economy. Why not stay in India, work FOR India, earn for the Indian Economy and help in further development of OUR country.

    “Money can solve most of our problems”
    Yeah, and it creates TONS more too.

    “we indians a too patriotic about our country, which is not helping us in any manner and we are making ourselves narrow minded.”
    Being patriotic doesn’t mean singing “sare jahan se achha” on independence day, it means MAKING India sare jahan se achha. I’m patriotic and I’m proud to be so. The narrow mindedness is thinking that India can no longer pay you enough for your so called efforts, narrow mindedness is thinking that a country which has no ethics, no moral culture, and no concept of family values is actually a better place to be than your own country.

    “the rest of the problems can be solve by changing our attitude.”
    you need a Change of attitude? How about changing this thinking for starters? The grass is always greener on the other side. The way out is making the grass on our side green too. The day you do it, you’ll be a true patriot.

    and yeah.. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Be proud to be an Indian!!

  2. smita

    August 15, 2009

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    I apologize that i sounded too harsh.. I LOVE my country and EVERYTHING about it (the PROBLEMS TOO) and I can’t really bear India-bashing 😀 🙂

  3. durga

    August 16, 2009

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    Money does matter , no one can deny big bucks- atleast after you see what it can do to you, so kaka is correct to some extent. But it ends there. More reasons why people tend to move ‘away’ from INDIA , because they don’t see problems fading nor they can do anything about those problems. In sense, they are trying to move away to have a better life some where else as they think the existing problems in INDIA can neither be cured or endured.
    I don’t deny Indians are in economically comfortable positions, but the fact remaining, same MS student who can be in a nice IT firm in INDIA is doing part time jobs here only waiting for an opportunity. Even before they get a permanent job, they apply for permanent residency !? why? I don’t know.
    I know people who moved out only to say ” I will find nice job there” , and few who quit their jobs in INDIA and went for higher studies and now settling there with no permanenet jobs.Few friends of mine are not graduating from UNIs as they still have not found jobs.

    I think this has to do with very basic nature- ‘flock’ mentality.Only because 10% go in search of opportunities and remaining 50% think these 10% are highly diligent ones hence opted for a different path and follow them. We do this every where left 40% though dont follow the 10% are compelled by near and dear ones to follow 🙁
    I know this girl friend of mine, whose mom was waiting for a perfect match for this girl and she finally turned 29 before she got married. Perfect match:
    AUS /US Residency
    Permanent job


    and reason:all her lady mates have their kids settled abroad . Common!! no no! thats so wrong.

    When asked, I say i am here for 2.5 yrs and I will be returning back soon, I get a WTF look and people who speak out say ” you can easily get a PR and life style is so better here, why do you want to go back”?

    I have no answer for them.

    P.S: this is how I see from outside INDIA.

  4. dolphin

    August 16, 2009

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    well, that is one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever heard barring Shobha de’s enough is enough call when supposedly icon of india Taj was attacked.

    anyway, i do not think money matters in the end. all those who say ‘in the end, only money matters’ are the selfish people in the world. all those who think so, please don’t venture out to ‘develop’ india as they would end up earning more for themselves than the country. it is we who should change India rather than blame it for lack of indiscipline among others. I’m currently studying abroad but would definitely settle down as a teacher in india as it is the best way to teach young India.

  5. Diff

    August 18, 2009

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    Isn’t it one’s moral responsibility to return the debts of his nation on him? We are born in this country, we use natural resources here, we use facilities provided by this country. If our earlier generations had thought the way author of this post thinks, we wouldn’t have got freedom. I am not saying one mustn’t go to foreign contries ever, but surely one should also think about his/her MOTHERLAND.

  6. Gawran Pundit

    August 18, 2009

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    Both sides are true actually, if you ask me.

    Money does matter upto a certain extent. I certainly wouldnt live in a dingy small home for serving my motherland and give up a lucrative offer in any foreign country. But, then I also wouldn’t cross the line by going after money at all times.Because things like indian sanskars, languages, festivals, patriotism, ganesh-utsav and diwali,etc are very important in shaping each indian (as much important as money after a certain threshold limit).

    So, in short, If you have a good enough salary in India or a good enough business where you can live quite comfortably, then dont go for a foreign country. We ought to sacrifice a few bucks in our life for the sake of our motherland.

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