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Why should I stay in India – Reloaded!

By on Aug 16, 2009 | 3 comments

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Out of nowhere, I’ve started getting comments on my post titled “Why Should I Stay In India?“. Here’s another big comment I got on the same post by superblog reader Anik. I’m promoting it to new post: –

I never had the opportunity to think of going abroad,although I belong to a family of very well educated engineers from top colleges in our country,that includes my father.

However,my father kept visiting the US and other countries from time to time.Maybe once a year or more on short projects etc.

So,its nothing unnatural for me to think of living abroad.

Having said that,I would like to state that nothing on earth.I mean,nothing on earth can substitute the love I have for my motherland.

I love my country more than anyone else,including my own very mother.Whoever tries to send me abroad to live,will have to first go through my blood and flesh.Such strong is the connection,that I have with my motherland.

I don’t know,its just inherent.Inborn,and at times exposed through certain failures in life which are hard to take.

Thats how it is.Life is,what you truly realise when you lose something to fate.Similar things have happened to me.Someone I loved,applied abroad for her Masters and left for Oxford.

But,I lived on in India.I refused admission to a prestigious US university.Instead,I am sitting at home during recession,doing nothing productive.Still,no one can dissolve this resolve of mine to stick to my nation in times of distress.

I sometimes wonder,why we complain of being inhuman.I sometimes wonder,why we complain of terrorism in India and blame our nation for all the corruption etc.

If we were so corrupt,why didn’t our parents choose to settle in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh so that we may have been born in perfect safety?

While we’re born,no one complains in pain why we’re born in India.Only when we face the heat and the sun,we want to sit in comfortable AC rooms in the west.Why do we forget it is our motherland which shows us the light to the universe?

We’re born in comfortable rooms inside hospitals,not exposed to heat.It is our duty to make sure every other individual is made to go through the same process.That happens only if we change our own fate,along with others while working for our nation.The march for a progressed nation is collective,its not individual.

If all of us start to think like the writer of this article,India will head nowhere unlike it has in the past 62 years.All the developments and progress that have occured in our nation have only been as a result of the pain and toil undergone by so many brave souls,who have to the extent of giving their lives,served our country.

Do it for them,do it for humanity.

If the US gives equal opportunity in the name of humanity,cant we Indians do it for our motherland in the name of humanity?

Are we traitors to leave our motherland and settle abroad in the name of humanity?

Think about it!


  1. smita

    August 16, 2009

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    WAY TO GO anik!! You think along the same lines i do. I’m an Indian through and through and PROUD of it!!

  2. dolphin

    August 16, 2009

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    well said K, however we should also acknowledge that leaving india for higher studies doesn’t make one anti-nationalistic. i believe it is key to gain exposure before getting our hands together for the development.

    thought provoking.

  3. Sapna

    August 17, 2009

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    I agree with Dolphin, “leaving india for higher studies doesn’t make one anti-nationalistic”.

    @Anik: Nice to know your thoughts. You are indeed a real patriot. But passive patriotism alone doesn’t help. One also needs to think “What am I doing for the betterment of the country?”

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