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Why doesn’t the God cure them?

By on Sep 4, 2009 | 11 comments

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Take a look at adjoining picture. Familiar, right? You can see those diseased beggars near almost every temple. Every time I visit any temple, I feel very very bad to look at them and their suffering. Then I enter the temple, stand in front of the God and recite my wishlist thinking that the God will approve it and make changes to the universe so that it comes true. But then, I look around and find out that almost everyone’s doing the same – reciting their wishlist.

Someone wants success in their jobs or promotion, someone wants success in business, someone wants success in exams, someone wants peace of mind, someone wants to confess and so on. People have told me that if you pray from the heart, the God will grant all your wishes. If that’s true, tell me why doesn’t the God cure all the diseased people who beg near temples? Is God too busy to step out of the temple and see them?


  1. durga

    September 4, 2009

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    I Don’t know what made my parents name me with name of a goddess, but I somehow cant perceive the idea of my peace resting in a idol.Not that I don’t believe in God.In what context are you referring God?For me praying from heart, is reminding yourself, that “this is your dream,you want it, you need to achieve it” and when you put in maximum efforts they come true . So you pray by heart, you get it! as far as the above picture is concerned, God definitely will not come out of temple, if there are hand-full people like you, then you might in turn be a messiah for them :), you don’t need God to help them.

  2. Gawn

    September 4, 2009

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    Well, its the law of Karm. If you have a lot of negative Karm from previous lives, you lead a miserable life to repay it all. That’s why always lead a good honest life and try to achieve as much positive karm as you can.Atleast, dont hurt anybody !

    It does feel very bad when I see these people, not just beggars, but even women working in Red Light Areas, but I guess they suffer from it because they are repaying some of the bad things they did in their previous lives.

  3. durga

    September 5, 2009

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    @ Gawn

    Are you talking about reincarnation??? sigh. When you don’t know what you have done a couple of days ago, why think about something what you did in your last Janm. If you are talking about reincarnation, you must also be knowing from same laws that, human form is obtained only after taking up 10,000 other forms. So I really don’t think your past human action( whenever it was) might be affecting you now.
    I think its more this way.
    “Be good , do good , you don’t have next life to change things”
    If people don’t get above sentence, then they are made to believe it by saying ” do good, be good, else in your next janma you will land up being miserable” and surprisingly people do it.. For their own well being in next jamna.Purest form of selfishness I say!
    Its more to do with your ethics and principles what you set for yourself.

    @ BigK,
    One means to help these people out is by providing employment which would help them to stand on their own feet. But they are so old. I believe back in Hyderabad there was a association which would teach him to do handicrafts and they would sell them and give them some dignity and some living.

  4. Gawn

    September 5, 2009

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    Yeah you may be right, who knows? But I firmly believe in our Indian mythology and the things such as law of karm and reincarnation theory which has been passed down through generations. If so many generations over thousands of years believed in it, their must be some reason and proof behind it, I believe (which is lost now in today’s materialistic world).

  5. durga

    September 5, 2009

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    Big K, Sorry for using your blog as a platform to argue.

    @ Gawn,
    2.Hinduism has basis of reincarnation
    3.If thousands of generatins beleive that apple is a mango, I wont say the same.
    4.if there is a areason yes there is- to inculcate the true values in this scenario, do good , be good

    All I am trying to convey is for helping others from sufffering, you dont have to know thier past and leave them to thier fate. If you can help them out. Thinking that its thier fate and walking past them pitying will do them no good.

  6. Gawn

    September 5, 2009

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    @ durga

    1) Well, I am not saying that we shouldn’t help them.But my experience has been that when you help people in need, 95% of them don’t acknowledge it or forget it after they come out of their misery.

    2) God isn’t an idiot to keep a certain sect of people in misery.There must be something wrong that they’ve done.

    3) God wants the people in misery to learn a lesson.Everybody goes through a bad patch in life, but the essence is that we learn something through the bad patch and improvise ourselves.

    4) Why do old people become beggars? Because they didn’t do anything worthwhile in their youth, isn’t it ?? (We can exclude the unfortunate old people who are removed from home by their daughters/sons.Even such people can find refuge in different Vrudhhashrams atleast and dont have to become beggars unless something is terribly wrong or they are very unfortunate.)

    5) Watch Traffic Signal by Madhur Bhandarkar for more information on the annual turnover of the Industry of Begging.

    6) Believe me, everybody has a chance to live in dignity if the person has the will, except disabled people (They need huge will to overcome their deformities which can’t be expected from every disabled person).

    7) Do help all needy (deserving)people when you can!

    8) Beggars who are not disabled and are in a good shape enough to work, shouldn’t be entertained. You might help them to get a job, but that’s it.
    P.S. These are entirely my views.Correct me if I am wrong.

  7. durga

    September 6, 2009

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    I am none to correct ! So chill.
    Now you are talking, you previous two comments showed sheer indifference towards suffering of others by putting the responsibility of their suffering on GOD.
    Let me ask you something
    -Why do you expect others to acknowledge help what you have done? is it not possible to help others and then walk away happily – self satisfied?. That would simplify most of the ego stuff I beleive
    -As long as you dont know what wrong others have done, how can you conclude they deserve misery? On what basis are we actually passing a judgement on some one whom ywe just see on roads?
    -Again, How do we conclude people did not do anything worth-while? why should I think all this stuff If I really intend to help them? There might be many other reasons why someone might land up on streets.We as an outsider to their situation ,we cannot decide their fate
    -I don’t learn from movies. It’s a depiction of what the directors wants us to see.
    -Can I give you an example?
    My friend here does not indulge in any pooja paat. we used to see a very old homeless man sleeping at the post office every night , my friend on Christmas , he saw a old homeless man on roads, next day he bought a blanket, shoes , a sweater and a pair of jeans for this old man. Old man said ” Son I will pay you back for all this”. The point what I am making here is- His belief in GOD had nothing to do with his inner sense, he felt helping him he did. That’s all the point is about.This guy is as well supporting a poor kids education in INDIA. That child has finished 1.5 yrs of schooling now.
    I can give you one more example of people who do it with no intention of GAINING favorism form GOD. One of my female friend, we asked her for her BDAY gift, she promptly replied ” I have everything, what you can do for me is Go and DONATE SOME BLOOD”. I am lucky enough to be associated with such awesome people.
    We don’t have to make GOD responsible for someone misery.
    We don’t need GOD to step out of temple and see whats happening around. We can as well be GOD’s eyes and do something for those people.
    We are the best form of help what GOD has sent , use the opportunity.

    I have nothing more to say, as its quite difficult to express ones inner beliefs on a webpage 🙂

  8. Mayur

    September 7, 2009

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    God doesn’t help people who do not help themselves.

    ???????? ??????????? ? ????? ??????
    ???????????? ????? ?? ?????????????????

    English translation:
    You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action? Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

  9. Mayur

    September 7, 2009

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    Oops! Problem with the devnagri font.
    Here is what the question marks mean (if you are not able to view it)

    Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachna
    Karmaphalehtur bhurma te sangostvakarmani.

  10. safwan

    September 9, 2009

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    well, I don’t say any holy verses although i know . I tell you a story which was published Here ( Saudi Arabia ) local newspaper named Saudi gazette . Saudi govt. has a policy that they do not allow begging in Kingdom but we find many during pilgrimage season ( specially Haj ) on traffic signals and near masjid (mosque) , one female reporter she tried to know what real problem is with this Saudi and non-Saudi beggars. The result what was something surprising was beggars they continued to beg after providing employment and the reason was they said to be ” we get more money then work in begging”. Many time we provide employment but they are get addicted like like a poverty stricken haire . I had one chapter in my grade 11 name was Lost spring written by Anees Jung. It depicted a brief pen picture of realism of living condition of rag-pickers of Delhi and the bangle makers of Firozabad, how they are not improving and not letting their children being educated. she said which was a noting point of ( I say for examination point was imp. point was) chapter ,” I see two distinct worlds – one of the family cought in a web of poverty ,burdened by stigma of caste in which tehy are born; the other a vicious circle of the SAHUKARS, the middle men or the keepers of law”.In last I want to tell if we give them empoyement then also they are not gonna leave begging.

    ( but i too feel bad when we see them and cannot express inner feeling ) .

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