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Sach Ka Samna – again!

By on Sep 6, 2009 | 0 comments

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I asked superblog readers about their opinion on Sach Ka Samna. About 55% said, ‘It Sucks!”, about 36% said “It Rocks!” and the rest said they were neutral. I have had no reason to pick the dumbass topic again but I stumbled upon an episode of Sach Ka Samna few minutes ago. I thought I’ve figured out a way to make 1 crore rupees in no effort. I’m seriously considering participating in Sach Ka Samna. I’m so sure that I’ll win 😀 !

But I’m also sure that they won’t let me participate! 🙁

So far, I’ve not done anything I should be ashamed of or would like to lie about. So there are no confessions to make or secrets to hide. Maybe the only people I’ll shock by speaking ‘the truth’ would be 2-3 of my ex-bosses whom I sincerely & genuinely hated – and I don’t care if they get hurt by my ‘confessions’.

I’m also wondering why are those participants on the show are SO <help me write a politically write word here>? Why have they cheated so many people all through their life?

Anyway, let them speak the truth in front of the whole world. Rest, you and I, just continue to be normal & cool and just worry about our E.M.Is.

The Big K

PS: I don’t have to pay any E.M.I to the bank. You jealous of me now?

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