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Happy typing, Rohan!

By on Sep 10, 2009 | 1 comment

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Think whatever you want, but my only intention behind sharing this personal message with you is to inspire you to benefit from my free typing tips. Superblog reader sent me following message. Rapid typing is an art, I believe, every computer user should benefit. Its easy to learn rapid typing. You need to create that ‘fire’ in you and for that, you need to be ashamed of your pathetic typing skills. Read on –

Hey Biggi

Boy..O…Boy, what do I say now….
Do you have the slightest of idea how you’ve been instrumental in making my fingers move faster.
buddy I’m talking about my typing speed.

Here’s what happened. I came across an old post of yours on the Superblog, regarding your observation about the placement of the fingers on the specific keys while typing that can help you increase your speed.

Being curious I read the post and thought to give it a try. ( I agree that my typing speed is no where close to those guys literally doing a blind dance on the keyboard yet coming up with all the words intact on the screen….. embarassed)

So, I followed your observation and innovations ofcourse…
and buddy ….damn… they worked…eureka ..stunned man

I really found those placements much comfortable than earlier and a greater reach to more keys at a time. Though I’m not able to use my last finger with appreciable finesse, I’m sure I can work on it more and make it more operable.

Long story cut short : Dude my typing speed has had a noticable increment (though I dont sit back noting my wpm). But I can see the results for sure.

And I’m prety sure that a little more practice here and there will get things even better.

Dude you’ve got a very keen observation I should say and an even more amazing nack of finding solutions.

Your trick has worked wonders for me and all the credit to this friend of mine

So finally, Thanks a lot for this great find …. youve got things rolling for me.

Keep coming up with such fantastic things !!

Thanks again and keep smiling

All the Best and Take care,

-The Big K-

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