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My biceps vs. Your biceps

By on Sep 17, 2009 | 3 comments

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The world is full of people who love to play the notorious “Mine is better than yours” game. I observed a new fella in the GYM today who was trying to impress his friends with his pseudo-power.

Apparently, our heroic fella’s friends had brought him to the GYM. From their conversation, I guessed our heroic fella had been a regular gym goer during his school days [that is, at least 30 years ago]. Now, what would you expect him to do in the GYM on the first day? A normal person would follow the GYM instructor’s orders and do warm-up exercise. But our hero wanted to play the “better than yours” game. He did a survey of all the GYM equipment and began the game.

First he stood next to the row of heaviest dumbbells. Then he picked up the 40 pound dumbbells. Then he had a chat with his friends while holding the dumbbell in his left hand, just to show that he’s cool holding the 40 pound dumble in his hand. Then he told his friends that he’d do the hammer. He began repetitions, 1…2..3………4…………………..5…….siiiiixxxxx….over. He then covered up his inability to continue further by cracking a joke which I couldn’t hear. Then he asked his friends to pick up a the lighter dumble [15 pound] and started acting like a seasoned gym trainer, loudly counting friend’s repetitions, cheering him up to do more. The friend couldn’t go beyond 9 repetitions.

Then the heroic dude began shoulder press. He picked up the 35 pound dumbbells and couldn’t go beyond 2 repetitions. Then he lectured his friends.

This continued for next half an hour.

All the time, the heroic dude kept trying to impress his friends by trying to be what he was not.

The Big K


  1. smita

    September 17, 2009

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    hahahaha… what a loser! The world would be such a cleaner and better place without those folks! It must have been painful enduring that eh biggie? 😀

  2. mad_scientist

    September 18, 2009

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    Were there any member of the fairer sex around?? It’s been proven that male brain function decreases in their presence!!

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