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Building a business or just some side-income?

By on Sep 19, 2009 | 0 comments

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In recent times, I’ve come across couple of software engineers who are aspiring entrepreneurs. I believe the idea of starting one’s own business comes naturally to all the techies – once they experience incompetent bosses, low income/work ratio, zilch job satisfaction & motivation to work @ office, mundane work et al. Majority of them spend their lifetime looking for a GREAT idea that will change the world. The ones I’ve met are actually looking for some side-income believing that they’re building a business.

I’m not an authority on entrepreneurship. But if you are really-really-really wanting to build a business, you need to have focus – on what you should be doing. In Donal Trump’s words, “Ask yourself a simple question – What you should be thinking about right now?”. The answer to this simple question restores your focus. But if you don’t have a focus, you won’t really know what you should be thinking about.

I personally think (and it’s my long term believe) that business is not about making money. Money surely follows if you know what you are doing – and why. One can easily figure out ways to generate money and I have began believing you can generate money doing anything you love as long as you have patience and passion for what you’re doing.

So if you are simply trying to make additions to your monthly pay-check by taking up work as-it-comes; you aren’t building a business and you won’t go far.

That’s common sense, right?

The Big K

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